This Summer: Turn Off the TVs, Tune into God


This Summer: Turn Off the TVs, Tune into God

Editor’s Note: Today, I’m thrilled to welcome a guest contribution from Brigit Brown, the thirteen year old daughter of contributor Judith Costello. Apparently, great writing runs in the family! LMH

This Summer: Turn Off the TVs, Tune into God

By Brigit Brown, age 13

Have you noticed how families don’t spend time with each other anymore? You walk into a house and you see a TV and or computer in every room; every member of the family is playing with a cellphone or another electronic device, including the 5 year old? Imagine what supper time is like when there isn’t company around at these houses. Do they eat in their bedrooms while watching TV shows or sitting in front of a computer looking up gaming site?

As a 13-year-old I know what this is like. Going over to a friend’s house has become less friendly, because your friend is on a cellphone with a different friend while you are there.
That’s why I wanted to write about the importance of getting outside with your family. When I was about 5 I remember our family participated in  TV Turn Off  Week. Other than my mom’s work, all electronics were turned off for a week, and if we wanted to do something we could always go outside or make artwork.  It was amazing. We don’t turn the TV on much anymore at our house and gadgets are limited.

The local park is a fun place to go. Bring basketballs, footballs, or other things that would normally rot in the garage. A wildlife reserve or nature park has always been my favorite. Think of all the things you are missing as you sit inside, enjoying nothing but the air conditioning. Do you think God would want us to pass up the opportunities to spend time with His great creation? If you go to the zoo or a nature park you can see all of the animals that share the world with us. My aunt always is saying “thank you Jesus for this day and for blessings us with this beautiful world.”

God has given us so many things–we should be thankful.  Maybe go to Church for adoration time this summer. This can be hard because it’s an hour of silence but think about how much you will benefit from it. Take the Bible with you and read it. My Grandma is always says “go to a new Church, and pray 3 Hail Mary’s, 3 Glory Bes, and 3 Our Fathers. Then God will grant a special blessing.” God can be found anywhere and going to a new Church always helps to make that point.

When I was 8 we went on a pilgrimage and prayed those prayers at each of several different Churches we went to. We visited with priests and learned more about the history of each church. We ended at the biggest church in the state where the Archbishop celebrates Mass on Holy Days.

My mom and I just went to see Grandma. On the way we watched people. Nobody talks anymore. Everyone acts like they are alone. But when we looked out the window, flying above the clouds, it was awesome. Later, at the park across from Grandma’s house, we saw amazing trees and different plants. The squirrels weren’t afraid of us. The fish were jumping in the lake.

Real life is out there just waiting for us to “tune in.”

Copyright 2012 Brigit Brown


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Cindy Costello is a praying wife and mom who is settling into her empty nest. More than fall trees and caramel lattes, she loves a pen hitting paper to create something unique and beautiful for God. Cindy is challenging herself intellectually and getting ready for Career #2 by pursuing a MA in Theology. And on the side she gives parish talks and retreats , specializing in Theology of the Body and all things Catholic! Visit her website at

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