Most peanut butters are not good for us


Most peanut butters are not good for us…

You’ve probably always believed, like I did, that a good natural peanut butter was a healthy choice for quick lunches on soaked/fermented bread or even on celery or a spoon for a quick snack.  Yes, peanut butter is a good source of protein.  And yes, it’s low-carb.  Also, if you buy an organic nut butter, then you don’t have to worry about trans fats.  But you could find that they still have nasty vegetable oils, which aren’t good even when they’re organic, and virtually all peanut butters have other toxins and anti-nutrients, too, so keep reading.  Especially if your kids like it as much as mine do…

Most peanut butters are not good for us…


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  1. In the beginning of the year I made some drastic diet changes (for health reasons) and began researching many foods that feed candida which is an intestinal yeast problem not traditionally recognized by doctors. Since making these changes I’ve felt healthier than I have been in a decade. One thing I found in all my research was that peanut butter often contains mold because peanuts can be very moldy. And organic peanut butter–from what I read–seemed to be the worst for a number of reasons.

    I’m no dietitian or doctor–just a middle-aged woman doing her best to learn about food and food choices and don’t know how factual this is but thought I would share and see if you had ever heard that about peanut butter–or peanuts.

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