Are There *Any* Good Coffee Replacements Out There?


Coffee Replacements

Coffee elicits passionate responses in people like few other topics.  If you’ve given it up, often due to health reasons (as you should if you have any type of hormonal issues), then you can probably list all the reasons coffee isn’t good for us.  If you have no health issues, enjoy the taste and aroma, and plan to continue your cup-a-day habit, oh… like myself perhaps, then instead you probably appreciate articles that cover the health benefits of coffee.  (Just for the record, I’m not talking about those nasty $4 cups of coffee loaded with sugar, or fake sugar, and fake creamers, those are baaaaad.)  Click the link to read more…

Are There *Any* Good Coffee Replacements Out There?


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  1. I’ve had to give up coffee for health reasons–but not for the ones you’ve mentioned here–and have found the perfect alternative. I was a 3 cup of coffee a morning person (cream and sugar, please) so was surprised at how easy the transition was to 3 cups of chickory roast with a dandelion tea bag. W

    e have the Keurig machine and I use a little basket (teeny, tiny coffee filter) and purchase the chickory root grounds from Whole Foods and the dandelion tea bags from a local health food store. All organic.

    It is delicious and I don’t miss my coffee at all.

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