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I truly hope if you’re on Pinterest and you’re reading this column today, that you will run over and immediately follow Women We Love, my favorite board from Catholic Women’s Conference. This is only one of the many cool boards from the San Antonio Catholic Women’s Conference (held annually each September), but it’s the one that most grabs my attention. Women We Love features pins of many of our favorite saints and blesseds, but also some lovely prayers and meditations. What a beautiful way to employ Pinterest to celebrate the Feminine Genius! If you like what you see on their Pinterest boards, why not consider attending this phenomenal event for women?!

Women We Love

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And here’s this week’s tip of the week from Allison Girone of the Catholic Pinterest Group Board who has kindly agreed to offer a weekly pointer for us on how to use some best practices to enjoy and effectively employ Pinterest:

Have you ever spent a weekend morning with a cup of coffee/tea and your boards?  Yes, YOUR boards.  Revisit them, schedule some time every now and then to go through each of your boards. I think you’ll see them anew and be delighted by them. Perhaps you’ll find you want to edit them, if there is something there that no longer reflects you? You may be inspired to create a new board from the creative juices and introspection this exercise may produce?

If you’re a Catholic using Pinterest, please drop a link in the comments below to share your boards. Also, I’d love to hear about why you love Pinterest and how you think this latest craze might be used to spread the Good News.

Lisa M. Hendey loves Pinterest and can be found at http://pinterest.com/lisahendey/

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