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When I ventured into the world of smartphones one of the first things I researched was Natural Family Planning, Sympto-Thermal based, charting apps.  To be clear, as a NFP instructor and longtime user, I don’t put exclusive trust in any computer based program to analyze my cycle and define my fertile time for me, however I DO like the convenience and ease of digital charting and on-the-go  symptom recording.

Trying a number of online apps I found myself repeatedly disappointed.  Not only were the charting option not as in-depth as I’d like but the analysis was often WAY off.  Even though I wasn’t following the analysis myself, I always had a hard time getting excited about recommending something that was so clearly sub-par.

After several weeks of exploring options I discovered the Ovuview Period and Fertility Tracker.

I used their free version for several cycles and decided to upgrade to their pro-version at their normal price of $5.00.  For people who know me…that was no small matter.  I think it’s only one of two paid apps on my phone right now.  And I was pleasantly surprised at its analysis accuracy!

What you’ll see in Ovuview:

With the free version, you will see (per their Google Play account):

14 fertility awareness methods

Various rules that are found within a number of NFP methods some Sympto-thermal, some mucus only, some temperature only

Tracking many symptoms, taking notes

Note: as with all other Sympto-Thermal charting apps I’ve seen, the Ovuview app does NOT appear to include the charting of sensations. Because my method includes sensation in determining the fertile time, I’ve always just recorded, within the app, the most fertile mucus sign available when I have ANY peak type/more fertile/etc mucus qualities and do so also when I have any fertile sensations. You may want to keep a more detailed chart for an instructor if you are working with one.

Calendar view

This shows a prediction of when you will ovulate and when menstruation and the fertile time is likely to begin and end.  For your first cycles it’s a pretty generic input and if you aren’t “textbook” it won’t be accurate. However, as you record more and more cycles this works off of analyzing your cycle history so generally becomes more accurate with time.

Cycle statistics

Shows your average, minimum, and maximum cycle length, menses length, mucus episode length, luteal phase length, and estimated ovulation day.

Automatic morning notification to record basal body temperature (BBT)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this feature! I can set my alarm clock on my phone and when it goes off it automatically pops up a shortcut link to adding my temp for that day.

Other features in the free mode

  • Advanced chart showing temperature and symptoms
  • Guiding hints
  • Educational tips and information about your menstrual cycle and your fertility signs
  • Data backup/restore
  • Data import from ‘My Days’, ‘WomanLog Calendar’ and ‘Fertility Friend’
  • Color themes
  • Demo mode (giving you a glimpse of what the app is capable of in the long run)

Why I upgraded Ovuview

If you upgrade to the pro version it will disable all ads and unlock:

Cycle and method management

They allow you to select which rules, from varying methods, you’d like to apply.  You are also able to remove a cycle from being included in the statistics if it’s abnormal due to stress or illness

Emailing spreadsheet data and chart images for doctor review

This feature is really nice for anytime you need a quick jpeg of your chart)

Backup to email or Dropbox

Thank goodness for this feature!  When I dropped my smartphone this past week and had to transfer everything over to a new one, my first concern was my charting histories.  I love having the backlog of info accessible on my phone

User-defined custom symptoms

This is a great place to record any sporadic meds or create more specific charting options such as a sensation option though it wouldn’t be included in the programs analysis.

Other upgrade features

  • Password protection
  • 2 widgets (discrete + cycle wheel) – LOVE THIS!!
  • Multicolor symptoms
  • Notifications (menses, ovulation)
  • Temperature chart coverline
  • Fullscreen mode in chart
  • Pregnancy mode

Promotional Code

They also have an online discussion group for any questions you may have about the app and how to use it

For the next two weeks (August 8-22, 2012), they are offering our wonderful readers a promotional code reducing the price for the pro-version to only $1.99!  Just download the free version of Ovuview here and then within the app, go to the “Paid Features” screen and enter the promo code TECHTALK.

If you have any trouble at all don’t hesitate to comment and we’ll figure it out together!


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    • I know! There have been quite a few requests for the iPhone option. When I spoke with the developers they said they would love to be in a position to write one but at this point there isn’t anything in the work due to simple lack of resources. There is a lot of complexity with the app going on in the guts of it and it would take almost a year to recreate for iPhone.

      Sarah put the call out a while back for what apps iPhone users liked. Check out the comments on this thread for some ideas:

  1. I’m so glad this is Kindle Fire compatible! Thanks for the thorough review. I bought the app last night.

  2. I’ve been using Ovuview for several months and it is fantastic! I just started taking my NFP class about a week ago, and this is a perfect companion with my paper chart that I’m doing for the class.
    Thanks for sharing this and letting others know!

  3. THIS APP THINKS JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND! I am perceived to be fertile or menstruating all but 2 days a cycle. My Catholic doctor actually agrees with the app… So even special extra fertile myrtle can use it. Very easy to get info for paper charts and very easy to enter info from charts. Great find!

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