You MUST Send This to That Person You Know Who Has Cancer


If you’ve heard about the case against Dr. Burzynski and his alternative cancer clinic, you’re probably as outraged as I am.  We all know someone with cancer, it’s sad but true, and just like the Stieler case that YOU helped get dropped, our rights are on the line again, only this time it’s not specifically parental medical rights, it’s anyone’s medical rights.  I just can’t stand it when others try to tell us what to do about our own medical care!

You MUST Send This to That Person You Know Who Has Cancer


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  1. While I sort of agree with Kelly on this issue and I think many times folks in the medical field may be over-zealous in their attempts to cure cancer and everything else (in the process forgetting how the “cure” can be worse than the disease), this is a sticky slope.

    Deciding what is “best” can be in many forms. For example, I choose to end my own life because I think it is better than living out disease x OR choose to have Dr. X end my life for me because I lack the courage to do it myself. In both cases I truly believe that I am doing what is “best” for myself and it is my choice. Or for example, a mother finds out her child has downs syndrome and does what she thinks is best for her child and ends it’s life early – in the womb.

    All I’m saying is that there are many different definitions of the “best” care for both individuals and their children, and I realize that these are extreme examples, but I’m trying to illustrate a point.

    Also, with regards to drugs and pharmaceutical inserts – welcome to the world of lawyers. Those things have to include everything, including effects on the kitchen sink just in case there is some lawyer out there who needs to feed his family and finds a loophole to sue a drug company. Many medications are used in “off-label” ways with good effectiveness.

    Additionally, there is very little regulation on “alternative medicines” which can be just as harmful as your everyday run of the mill medications. While I would LOVE to see more research in this area, and have done a bit on my own, it is a black hole currently.

    Kelly, take a gander at excess radiation doses to folks now a days if you want a cause near and dear to my heart – again due to lawyers. The average radiation dose for folks in the US has DOUBLED in the last couple decades due to, you guessed it, medical causes. Doctors and hospitals get sued if they aren’t perfect so folks TONS of defensive imaging.

    The entire system needs work is the bottom line.

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