The Droid Dino: Curse You, Obsolescence!


One thing about dinosaurs; we don’t like change.

I got my G-1 about three years ago, and I loved it.  I liked the apps and the keyboard.  The screen size was a little small, but as little as I used it, I couldn’t justify the expense of a bigger one.  Plus (and I know this is weird), I liked the thickness of it, which made it easy to grab out of my purse.  So while my technophile husband want through three or four phones (on his allowance money), I held out.

However, this year, Rob is going to Baghdad, and he felt very strongly that I needed an upgrade before he left.  So for my birthday, he bought me the Galaxy S2.  It had the biggest screen in the store, and the 4G is nice.

The kid in the store looked at my G1 and snorted.  “Yeah, definitely time for a change, Ma’am.”

Nonetheless, I resisted.  I felt like a dinosaur watching the meteor streak through the sky:  It was beautiful and exciting, but would it spell doom?

But my man took charge in his patient way—letting me balk at the price, look at it three or four times like a skittish horse (I’m having a hard time thinking of a dinosaur that counts as skittish), and then telling me firmly that it was my birthday gift and I was getting it.

So I became the reluctant owner of the latest in cell phone technology.  I like the camera and the look although I miss the keyboard.  I am not enamored by all the apps that they automatically added in—my control-freak dinosaur tendencies kick in.  However, I am playing with them, and if I discover any I like, I’ll share which and why.

In the meantime, I bought it a fancy bling case so that I can reach into my purse—known as the Bag of Holding—and pull it out by feel.  And Rob has a month to coach me on its many wondrous features before he leaves for Iraq.

So, although the meteor has struck, I seem to have survived.

How old is your cell phone?  Do you jump for the latest model or stubbornly hang onto the comfortable and familiar?  Why do you upgrade?

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  1. My phone is 3 yrs old. It’s an old flip phone–no “SMART” no keyboard.
    I’m too cheap to pay for the data usage plans! AND I’ve learned to text pretty fast w/my basic number pad!
    I’d love the latest gadgets–just not enough to pay for them!

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