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Editor’s note: Today we’re delighted to have Patrick Padley join us for Tech Talk. You can learn more about Patrick and his awesome work at his website. He’s also on Twitter (@ppadley). Last week Apple sent out invitations to a media event scheduled for Wednesday September 12th. Apple is, of course, expected to introduce the next-generation iPhone, aka the iPhone 5. In anticipation of this glorious announcement, I’ve compiled a list of the top five best Catholic iPhone apps currently in the App Store

iPieta (Catholic Teaching, Calendar and Prayer) – $2.99

This will be the best $2.99 you ever spend. This app is so packed with so much Catholic awesomeness you won’t know where to begin. How much awesomeness you ask? In addition to being available in Spanish and German, here’s a short preview:

  • Daily readings from the Douray-Rheims & Vulgate
  • Both the Ordinary (Novus Ordo) and the Extraordinary (or Traditional/Tridentine) Calendars
  • Numerous devotions and prayers
  • Baltimore Catechism #1 – 3, Papal Encyclicals and Cociliar Documents, plus Fathers of the Church (Erdman’s collection)
  • The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas Kempis
  • The Rule of Saint Benedict
  • Examination of Conscience
  • And just for good measure, the Summa Theologica, by St. Thomas Aquinas.

The Catholic Directory – free

This is probably the app I use the most because I’m terrible at remembering mass times. My favorite feature is that you can find churches by using your current location. This is super helpful when traveling, or when your schedule requires you to find another parish to go to mass/confession. The only down side of this app is that it requires parishes or users to help keep the information up-to-date. As an added bonus, they have added the daily readings.

Laudate – free

Similar to iPieta, this is a Catholic mashup app. Laudate has the daily readings plus the saint of the day. It includes the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, multiple podcasts for daily meditation and the New American Bible. My two favorite features are the gospel reflections and the interactive rosary. For those of you who don’t have a Magnificat subscription, these reflections are a wonderful free alternative. True, you will get odd looks when you whip your iPhone out after communion (it happens to me all the time). Just be confident in the fact that you’re not texting or tweeting but rockin’ some deep meditation. For those onlookers, this is a good time to introduce them to the 21st century when mass is over.

iBreviary – free

If there was only one app I could recommend to priests this would be it. iBreviary brings the traditional Catholic prayers/rituals and all of the texts of the Liturgy to your iPhone. Originally conceived by Fr. Paolo Padrini in Italy, this app is available in English, Italian, French, Latin, Spanish and also for the iPad and Android. “What’s that Father? Oh, you forgot all the texts needed to celebrate mass. No worries I have my iPhone.” iBreviary includes:

  • Liturgy of the Hours (Roman and Ambrosian Rite)
  • Roman and Ambrosian Missal
  • Mass readings for the current day (full lectionary)
  • Missal and Breviary for the celebrations of the Saints. (also the commons)
  • Main prayers of the Catholic tradition
  • About Saints Day (short bio and picture)
  • The ability to load up to 10 days to use off-line
  • Ordinary of the Mass and rituals according to the Vetus Ordo of 1962.

Divine Office – Audio Prayer – Liturgy of the Hours – $19.99

This is the best app for praying the Liturgy of the Hours. When you’re on the go this app gives you an opportunity to participate in the recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours–the public prayer of the Christian community. Made by Surgeworks, it has a beautiful user interface and is very simple to use. It is also available on the iPad, Mac, Android and Kindle Fire. It includes the audio version of the Liturgy of the Hours, scripture readings, psalms and prayers.


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Don’t see your favorite app on the list?

Share your favorite Catholic iPhone apps in the comments. These are just some of the great Catholic iPhone apps out there.

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  1. The FOCUS Equip App. Link to it over at It’s free and has tons of free audio talks and videos by people like Jeff Cavins, Lila Rose, Archbishop Chaput, Matthew Kelly, Curtis Martin, Dr. Edward Sri, Mark Hart and more. It also has most of FOCUS’ bible studies and training tools for evangelization.

  2. Deacon Anthony Repice on

    The ibreviary App is not only good for priest but deacons as well, and the Religious, Brothers, Sisters and Nuns, say the lit of the hours. Think a little further when publishing something.

  3. Thank you so much for providing these! I also use and love AMR Radio (Ave Maria Radio) and iCatholicFM, both of which are free and enable one to listen to wonderful Catholic radio. The signal is not strong enough where I live, to be able to listen otherwise.

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  5. Add two great apps from the priests of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception at the National Divine Mercy Shine in MA – Divine Mercy and Mary.

  6. Rosary Deluxe Audio (Handech International)
    Audio and text
    Great for out walking, Bluetooth in car, to listen while driving, anywhere.
    Background pictures, for all mysteries, background sound or music if chosen.
    Rosary, Divine Mercy, or Litany.
    Use this a lot!

  7. My favorite Android apps are Imissal, free rosary (Steubenville college students), st. Josemaria escriva, and discerning hearts

    • Patrick Padley on

      @Theresa Thanks for your comments. I unfortunately don’t have an Android device, but I’m glad to know these. I’ll make sure I tell all my friends who have Android phones. God bless!

  8. Lovers of the Extroardinary Form of the Roman Rite will want Breviarium Meum, the EF counterpart to iBreviary.

    It pulls its content from so you can choose Latin-only, Latin/English side-by-side, or Latin/Hungarian side-by-side.

    One nice feature is the option to pre-download up to 10 days’ worth of texts. Helpful for vacations, flights, etc.

    Should be noted that Breviarium Meum only provides the Divine Office, not the day’s EF mass. It does have a nice tab with a small collection of classic Latin prayers, though.

  9. I keep going back to iMissal. Love it..daily readings, a scripture for the day and saint of the day. Plus, it’s all on the iPod And I don’t have to have wifi to read it.

    • Patrick Padley on

      @Colet, I totally understand the worry of being judged in church. For me this is a great opportunity to educate those folks about the tools of the New Evangelization, such as iPhone apps. Good luck and God bless! Thanks for reading. (you can read more on my blog:

  10. I am sooo glad that you guys are sharing these apps with us. This is such a treasure. Thanks everyone who shared their favorite Cathloic apps.

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