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I had a hard time settling on a “Board of the Week” this week — which is perhaps why I gravitated towards Faithful by Catholic Pinterest Board member Gina Fensterer. Gina’s got several great boards, and Faithful is a true grab bag of treasures. On it, you’ll find videos, activities to enjoy with your children, Bible study activities, saint information and pins that are relevant to the liturgical calendar. I loved her recent pins on Blessed Kateri, including this coloring activity, and this amazing “giant Rosary“. So if you’re looking for a bit of everything, it’s likely that you’ll enjoy Faithful!

Faithful by Gina Fensterer — Click to Follow

And here’s this week’s tip of the week from Allison Girone of the Catholic Pinterest Group Board who has kindly agreed to offer a weekly pointer for us on how to use some best practices to enjoy and effectively employ Pinterest:

Charity board – share the pins of charities that you support or feel are worthwhile. Share pins of community service, social service, eco-service that inspire you. Do good and pin “good.”

If you’re a Catholic using Pinterest, please drop a link in the comments below to share your boards. Also, I’d love to hear about why you love Pinterest and how you think this latest craze might be used to spread the Good News.

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  1. We love Pinterest at OSV! It’s a wonderful way to share the Faith — and fun too! We have boards that focus on OSV resources — OSV Newsweekly and our catalog, for example. But Pinterest is so fun we’ve found other ways to share all kinds of great, faithful, Catholic resources, recipes, news, and beauty. Our Teaching Catholic Kids board is a combination of OSV & other resources we find … and our Catholic Recipes & More board has ideas for Catholic feasts and holidays, as well as tasty and healthy ideas for your family for everyday. Follow us at! We love following you back, too. — Cathy @OSV

      • I think you have, Lisa, and we appreciate it so much. Sometimes I feel almost guilty when I’m working on Pinterest for work :) If you ever see some cute shoes pinned on an OSV board, you know I got my boards mixed up! Unless it’s Pope Benedict’s red shoes!

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