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Little Saint Therese by Margaret Mary Myers

A favorite saint of Catholic girls is St. Therese the Little Flower.Β This little saint is a good patron to share with our daughters, granddaughters, and goddaughters. There are plenty of “St. Therese”s and plenty of little books on this saint from Lisieux, France. Where do we start?

Catholic author Margaret Mary Myers gives us Little Saint Therese, a simple book on this simple saint which is appropriate for the younger set of children in grades Kindergarten through Third Grade. It’s a perfect introduction to the little way to heaven so young children are not overwhelmed by a life too noble or a sacrifice too great.

It is written in a simple style which makes it easy for mothers to read with non-readers, perfect for new readers, and engaging for older readers. Two features I like best of all are the ‘Questions to Answer’ found at the end of each chapter (an answer key is found at the back of the book) and that the author includes actual quotes spoken and written by St. Therese and her parents. Through the saint’s own thoughts and words, your child will hear about the childhood of St. Therese and her early formative years until she became a new nun. Though simple, Little Saint Therese reads as though St. Therese is speaking directly to your little reader.

The book’s ending has a surplus offering of a prayer, a novena, a page to the parents, and a list of other book suggestions about St. Theresa. While not a picture book, this book does include simple clipart and it is perfect for early learners. Margaret Mary Myers has thought of everything in this little book to introduce children to this great saint.

With the school year beginning, now is a perfect time to take your child on a visit to the homes of the saints. St. Therese can start us on this ‘little way’ and this book is a great resource to begin your visitation.

If you’re interested in ordering Little Saint Therese, go to TheBookPatch.comΒ (ISBN: 9781620301388). Even the cost of the book is a “little” offering of $3.25. That’s a wonderfully low price for a ticket into the home of a great saint.

Hopefully Ms. Myers might consider doing more books like this one on the lives of other saints for our children to visit. You can visit the author’s website at

We are giving away two copies of Little Saint Therese. To enter, leave a comment in the combox with your name and how you came to know about St. Therese and two winners’ names will be randomly drawn to win a free copy of this book. The deadline to enter this contest is midnight Pacific time zone on Thursday, September 20, 2012.Β 

Update: Our winners are Wanda and Stacey – thank you to all of those who participated in this contest.Β 


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  1. Monica @ Equipping Catholic Families on

    Thanks, Cay…I saw your post and then just got reminded by your tweet! I hope I haven’t entered twice! Thanks!

  2. My mom introduced St. Therese to me when I was a little girl. I’ve grown up with The Little Flower. I’ve kept with the tradition of our family and now my daughter loves St. Therese as well.

  3. I started learning a little bit about St. Therese last year when there was an adult ed class about her at our parish. It was just a one-time class so I’m sure there’s more to learn & I’d love to share her story with my children. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  4. I learned about St. Therese during RCIA in ’98 in Edmond, Oklahoma. I was able to see her relics in December ’99 in OKC — what a thrill THAT was! My daughter is a big fan, having received many roses from her over the years. We love St. Therese and ask for her intercession frequently. She is a wonderful saint.

  5. Kim @ Transitus Tiber on

    I learned about St. Therese in my conversion but never had a devotion to her until last year, when I discovered that her and I shared similar issues. πŸ™‚

  6. My mother told me about St. Therese when I was a little girl and then I learned much about her over the years at my parochial grade school. I love the idea behind this book! My daughter loves learning about saints, but so many of the books are either too grown up or too young for her.

  7. Theresa Rodriguez on

    I came to learn about St. Therese, as she is my patron saint! I’m glad to see these books, as my young boy is now 4 years old, and my daughter will turn 3 next week on the 20th! They love learning about the saints!

  8. I came to know St. Therese more than a year before my conversion to Catholicism. I was strongly anti-Catholic, and amid all the apologetics I was reading at the time, my friend (and later sponsor) gave me “A Story of a Soul”. I can’t express how much it sang to my heart, and how much of a kinship I felt with her. She, the way she lived her faith and found her sainthood, were instrumental in solidifying my soul’s conversion. At my Baptism at Easter Vigil in 2007 I even took the name “Mary Therese” as my Confirmation name, dedicating myself to the two most instrumental saints who helped heal my heart.

  9. mary donahue (maryc3) on

    I’m sure it was by the Sisters @ my Catholic grade school.
    My parents were converts when I was about 2 yrs old.

    I was the 1st to receive Holy Communion as a 2nd grader.

  10. I learned more about St. Therese when we featured her during our “Saints in the Making” Vacation Bible School this past summer.

  11. My paternal French grandmother had a devotion to St. Therese. For her funeral, my parents ordered a cross made with roses. My husband and I named our third daughter after St. Therese due to my grandmothers and my mother-in-laws devotion to this wonderful saint. I would be happy to be able to give this book to my daughter.

  12. on

    I read St. Therese’s autobiography when I converted to Catholicism. It was the first book by a Saint that I read!

  13. St. Therese is my favorite! I’ve known about her forever, it seems. My mom taught me about her when I was a little girl, I read her biography as a child, I attended the Academy of St. Therese (St. Therese’s feast day in October was an annual day off of school for us πŸ™‚ , I took St. Therese as my Confirmation patron, and I now have a daughter named St. Therese. Needless to say, I love the Little Flower!

    • Love hearing about all the connections to St. Therese in your family, Elizabeth. Connections are what links us forever to each other and to the Communion of Saints.

  14. I first learned of St. Therese in my Catholic grade school when learning about the Saints. As an adult, I have learned more about her through various media. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  15. I’ve learned more about St. Therese as I have been homeschooling my 4 children. In Nov. 2009, I went on a pilgrimmage to Medjugorje and it was there that St. Therese kept “popping up” in conversations and I would spot her image (photo/statue) during different times in the quaint and peaceful town. I really feel a connection to this saint! Thank you for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  16. Gina Fensterer on

    I have always known St. Therese. Our family parish and my grade school were named for her. In high school, I read her autobiography and now I am sharing her “Little Way” with my children! I am so looking forward to this book, even if I don’t win the giveaway!

  17. I learned about St. Therese as she is the Saint associated with the Little Flowers Girls’ ClubI started 3 years ago at our parish. This book would be a great addition to teaching the girls about this wonderful Saint.

  18. I knew about St. Therese growing up, but I first came to really know her when my husband and I were dealing with infertility. I read The Story of a Soul, and it helped me so much to accept this cross God has given us and to know that God was calling us to adopt.

    As a side note, St. Therese was our special intercessor for our adoption, and we prayed for two roses from her while we were waiting on the list. On the day we met our birthmother and adopted daughter at the hospital (but before we knew that it was “official” that she chose us to adopt her baby girl), we found 2 roses at Mary’s feet while saying a prayer there after Mass (and the Magnificat Meditation of the Day also “happened” to be by St. Therese that day as well!). It was a confirmation that everything was going to work out, and it brought us peace. And, of course, our daughter’s middle name is Therese. πŸ™‚ She truly is a friend of and a special intercessor for our family.

  19. Three years ago, we were expecting out 5th child, our first girl. A friend had recommended “The Story of a Soul” to my husband and he was reading it at the time. He read of the relationship that Therese had with her father and he looked forward to having the same kind of relationship with his own daughter. Unfortunately, our baby girl, Mary Elizabeth, was stillborn at 38 weeks. We were devastated. We had “Our Little Flower” engraved on her gravestone. We both found ourselves growing closer to St. Therese, asking for her intercession for peace in our hearts and that we be blessed with another baby. We experienced 3 miscarriages before welcoming another sweet baby girl into our lives… we named her Marie Therese. She just turned 1 year old on September 8th, the nativity of our Blessed Mother. She is a true blessing in our family and I cannot wait to share her beautiful patron saint with her as she grows.

    • Danielle,
      Your post made my heart melt. So sorry for your loss but the story of both your little girls is beautiful.

  20. Mary @ St. Anne's Helper on

    I, too, learned of her through my parents. Their first children were named after Our Lady, St. Gerard, and St. Therese respectively 1, 2, 3.

    It wasn’t until after I was married that I read my first saint’s story! It was hers. I was hooked. After I’d graduated from college I was so DONE studying. It was books like hers that revived my interest in studying again.

    You have our condolences, too, Danielle.

    God bless!

  21. Kristin Choate on

    I learned about St. Therese from the Catholic Treasure Box books. I was reading them to my children and my 4 year old daughter fell in love with St. Therese. Since then, we have read other books about her. I even got Meredith a St. Therese doll from CHC for her birthday this year. She is such an inspiration to children and adults alike!

  22. Jennifer G. Miller on

    The Little Flower is near and dear to my heart…and became more so when we were engaged on her feast day!

  23. St. Therese was just a name to me growing up. When I joined the pro-life club in junior college my friend gave me “The Story of a Soul” and said “Read this and let your heart be changed.” I did and it was.

    Today, my only daughter is named after my two favorite female saints: Miriam Therese.

  24. I learned about St. Therese from my parents. In the late 1920s my father was born with a club foot. In addition to medical treatment, his parents took him to the Carmalite convent in their hometown and asked for prayers for his healing. The asked the intercession of St. therese. His foot was healed. His parents and my own, then, have a special place in their hearts for St. Therese.

  25. Margaret Mary Myers on

    I loved all of your responses to the question about how you came to know St. Therese! What a great idea to ask that question, Cay! If you don’t mind me sharing my answer to that, too πŸ™‚ …I, too, am a convert, and it was the first book I read as I explored the Catholic Faith. It wasn’t long after that – when I asked her for something – that I promised to write a book some day. It was one of the few times I ever made a “bargain” with God or the saints. The example of the love of St. Therese for God, and her great confidence in God’s love, have seen me through a lot of things throughout my adult life.

    • Margaret Mary Myers on

      I said “and it was the first book I read as a I explored the Catholic Faith”…I meant, The Story of a Soul, The Autobiography of St. Therese.

  26. St. Therese has always been a part of my life–my Mom was always devoted to her and now she has a special place in my heart, too!

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