Isn't It Scary?


Isn’t It Scary?

I got an invitation to a fundraiser for a political underdog. She’s behind in all the polls. But I can’t afford to offer money to candidates, so these messages usually go immediately to the circular file. But a simple statement caught my eye. It said, “She believes that marriage – the union of one man and one woman as husband and wife – is the best institution for raising children.”  It took me back a step because, I can’t imagine ever, in the history of this country, when this kind of statement has been necessary. How is it that this is no longer obvious and has to be stated this way?

It seems that when Roe v. Wade was passed, all the doors to immorality were opened. It was the day when the law said that babies could be killed because they are “inconvenient and unwanted”, that the devils poured out! That piece of legislation implied that marriage is no longer based on the model of husband, wife, child. Marriage then, was also redefined in terms of convenience and self-gratification…”what can I get out of this?”

Marriage became no longer an institution of society under the heavenly model set for us in the Holy Family. Instead, it’s a tax break and a linking up for sex with a bit of security thrown in. Except, marriage, that is legal but not sacramental, isn’t very secure is it? Divorce rates skyrocketed during these past forty years so couples tried the “take your partner for a test drive before you buy” model. Yet, even then, the premise has always been, “Kids do better with an intact family, so divorce is very sad.”

But now marriage is being redefined yet again. When the President of the United States spoke out in favor of gay marriages, and when one of the two official Parties of this country, made putting an end to the Defense of Marriage as a part of their platform, it seemed as if the earth shook with the devil’s laughter. How happy Satan is!

During his three years of ministry on earth, Jesus referred to his “Father” over a hundred times. The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, was to be the mode, the very cornerstone of civilization. Marriage is meant to be sacramental, which means it is a covenant between a man and woman who are willing to sacrifice for each other in order to become a part of that building of society as they bring children into the world.

When God is not invited into the dynamic of partnering and life issues are not respected, the basic building blocks of society begins to crumble. My friend Vanda, who just had a baby, says it this way, “Since traditional/sacramental marriage and respect for life are FOUNDATIONAL principles for a civilized society – if we do not vote to maintain these elements of natural law (which they are of course) – we are taking a hand in this destruction.”

Moral decline is deepening in this country. Can you feel it? Can you see our country faltering? Aren’t you scared?

Of course we are also concerned about economic and social issues in the coming election. So, I recommend this YouTube video of Fr. Barron talking about what Catholic Social Teaching really means. It’s important to understand.   We are currently faced with bigger government and out-of-control debt, along with increasing immorality that is legislated into law

Pray. We need to pray diligently. And vote for Family, Faith and Children. 

Copyright 2012 Judith Costello


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  1. Shelly @ Of Sound Mind and Spirit on

    Amen. Thank you for such a powerful post. Moral decline has rapidly escalated in the past four years. What’s even more terrifying is how many are so quick to believe that it’s “right” and “normal” and they teach it to our children thru television, school, etc. Our children can’t escape it – they’re learning it almost before they’re old enough to properly reason.

    • We are lucky if they even learn right from wrong. It seems like the message to todays kids now is, go do what you want and there may be consequences. I loved this post because it talks about the effect of politics. In the United Kingdom, the NHS prengancy guides now no longer reference the ‘father’ and instead call them ‘the partner’ so they don’t offend same sex couples. How wrong is that! Every child deserves a mother and father who are married, in a union blessed by God. How many studies have confirmed it from research on poverty, to future success as adults all point to kids growing up in a household with married parents?

  2. This was so timely and very powerful. It is a scary time to be in this country, and I fear it is only the beginning. As always, prayer is one of the best things we can do. But, we also need to be courageous, as you have been, and speak up. We need to defend ourselves and our families.

    Thank you for sharing!

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