Small Success Thursday: Catching Up

Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday

This week, I got called up short on some projects I’d let fall idle. A friend had asked me to review her book. When I heard her on Catholic radio, I dug up her book and put it by my bedside. I can’t wait to read it, but I know it is the reward at the end of this week, after I take care of the round tuits that I’ve yet to get around to. In the past week, my weight crept up. The piles of laundry crept up. Errands I didn’t want to do that need to be done, piled up. This week my daughter asked me to get her the paperwork necessary for her learner’s permit test. It’s been a project I’ve put off for several months.

Also this week, the edits on my Helen book come due, so I’ve been logging long hours to remove all the that’s, to bes and other junky phrases. With school is in full session and three kids on the computers daily, screen time is limited. Admittedly, passive construction sounds nice after 10 p.m. Bed sounds nicer. As a mom, it’s very easy to despair over not getting to everything, but being Catholic means we don’t have that luxury. We are to get up and try again every time.

So I’m starting over. I’ve made my list of things to do and I’m going to do them. Exercise, paperwork, read. The past week wasn’t a bust, we threw a Halloween party for our 7 year old daughter, squeezed in a date night and cleaned out a closet and a dresser of clothing for charity. But I’ve now set goals for next week, things that have been put off and put off and put off. I look forward to seeing what you did this week. Post your small successes it in the com box!

I’ll let you know how I did next week on Small Success Thursday!

Now it’s your turn:

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  1. Sherry – I need to do what you did this week with the catching up… I’m behind on so many projects. A few of my small successes this week included having lunch with two special friends, completing my first full week of daily catechism reading, and the scariest… speaking a bit of Spanish at my speaking engagement last weekend. I was horrible, but at least I tried and I definitely count that as a small success. The fear factor is the biggest thing.

  2. I attended a Mass at the Cathedral honoring the beginning of the Year of Faith. I mailed a package and managed to order something on line despite the difficulties with auto fill line.

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