Adventure and Mystery in Stories with Moral Value



Joan L. Kelly

Editor’s note: Today, I’m happy to share an update from my friend and fellow Catholic author Joan L. Kelly. I’m a huge fan of Joan’s work, so I’m pleased to share her good news that her books are now available on Kindle. Be sure to check them out for the young (and not-so-young) readers in your life. LMH

Adventure and Mystery in Stories with Moral Value

Joan L. Kelly’s books now on Kindle

Joan Kelly is an author of inspirational adventure stories geared toward children and teens.  Her books reflect Christian values while providing an exciting storyline and believable characters. Two of her books, Hiding the Stranger: the Trilogy and My Big Feet are now on Kindle.


Hiding the Stranger by Joan L. Kelly

Hiding the Stranger offers engaging characters, action, and mystery.  In this story, the adventure begins when a young girl finds an unconscious teenager on the family farm.  When she and her siblings try to help him find answers, they find themselves involved in intrigue and possible danger.  The combination of the three Hiding the Stranger books into one book lets the reader join a talented and kind-hearted boy in an adventure filled quest that culminates when one teen’s fate is changed by another’s act of self-sacrifice.

In My Big Feet, you find a story of acceptance, as well as a tale about a group of misfits who have the opportunity to become heroes.  This book is noted as a great read for those who are looking for an ‘anti-bullying’ story.  Join Rob and his friends as they figure out a way to pool their unique, God-given talents to save the day.

Joan has just completed a new book called The DNA Connection which she hopes to have in print and on Kindle within the next year.  In this story—During a field trip to a science laboratory, a research project goes terribly wrong and propels student through a DNA connection, sending them into the past.  This unforeseen trip shows that the fears, heart breaks, joys and uncertainties of the teenage soul transcend the ages as the students take their own personalities, talents and beliefs with them on an adventure through time.   People and places from American history are brought to life in the DNA Connection by combining fact and fiction in this fast-paced adventure.

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