Time to Clean Your Washer... Or Just Go to Confession

Time to Clean Your Washer... Or Just Go to Confession

Time to Clean Your Washer… Or Just Go to Confession

In college, I babysat for the same families on a regular basis. When I was babysitting, I did laundry, dishes, mopped floors, cleaned the kids rooms. I even remember cleaning out someone’s fridge on more than one occasion. Now that I have my own three kids, my husband and I hire a babysitter sometimes for a night out.  I realize now why the families I worked for in the past were so appreciative of my energy level! All I expect when I get home from a date night is for the kids to be alive and fed, even if all they ate were popsicles and macaroni noodles.

Anyway, one thing I noticed when I used to baby sit is the washing machines had so much build up lint in the nooks and crannies of the machine. I made many mental notes to myself to keep my future washing machine clean. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, my neighbor comes over to borrow my washer. After he leaves, I look at my washing machine and it was disgusting. Oh no!  The day had come! I am a “dirty lint in my washer kind of mom?” I asked myself.

Now, what would we do if our sins were that obvious?  What if our ugliness was glaringly apparent to those who entered our homes?  We would be sure do whatever it took to make things look “clean” since our secrets would no longer be secrets. Unfortunately it is the people we see everyday that have to love us through the ugliness that is inside each of us.

I know my neighbor didn’t notice the lint as much as I did. I could not help but laugh because all those mental notes came rushing back to me. I realized it is not that the other mom’s didn’t see the dirt (even though that is possible too), it just didn’t make the list of “top five things to do while the kids are being entertained and not hanging on my every limb”.

I hope to be more vigilant in wiping clean my sins and transgressions.  Too long goes between my visits to the confessional. I always feel better with a clean house and it is a priority in my week, so should visiting my Lord and wiping my soul clean. After a contrite confession we are given graces needed in those tough moments that lay ahead.

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  1. bobbi @ revolution of love blog on

    Hi Laura, what a great post! I love the analogy. I finally had to set a specific date for confession each month (ie. the first Saturday on the month) and I work the rest of my schedule around it. Otherwise I’ll keep putting it off until it is ridiculous. 🙂

    • Good tip! I need to do that. Being a stay at home mom you would think I could go often, but I have gone 6 months sometimes and that is not acceptable!!

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