Preparing for the Guest


Is there any time, spent on earth, that is filled with more anticipation, more yearning, or more eagerness, than 10 minutes before the Sunday Mass? We have come into God’s house and have “bent our knees” and “bowed our heads” as Scripture tells us, when we greet Our Savior in His Blessed Tabernacle.
After kneeling in prayer, we can sit back, quietly; taking in the beauty and peacefulness of the Sanctuary before us.

Then, it begins.
That excitement and anticipation.
It starts to build within our hearts as we watch the Altar Server or Sacristan step onto holy ground to light the candles. (We know that soon, the true Light of the World will be coming to us!)

The gifts, which will be brought up to the altar at the Offertory, are now taken to the back of the church.

Lectors check their readings.
Missals are placed by the chairs for the celebrant, deacon, and servers.
Our eyes gaze upon the beautiful scene, unfolding before us.
Jesus, resides in perfect silence and stillness in His Sacred Abode.
We see statues of the holy Apostles, our Blessed Mother, and her most chaste spouse, the good Saint Joseph.
Perhaps special flowers have been brought out to adorn the altar, in memory of someone’s loved one.

A change has taken place.

No more, are we mixed up in the busy world outside the doors. No more noise. No more rushing. No more chaos and confusion. No more bickering. No more dead-lines. No more to-do list.

Just beauty, and silence, and perfect peace.

Soon, the Prince of Peace, Himself, will descend, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and take on His Most Sacred Disguise in the Eucharist. He will come to the altar that we are now sitting in front of; awaiting His arrival. He will humble Himself and bless us with His perfect Presence.

We know, as we sit and wait, that in just a few moments, our King of Kings will come to join us. He will greet us. He will bless us. He will allow us to take part in His heavenly feast.

We know, that as we eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, we will have life in us.

True life!
Eternal life!
Everlasting life!

In those 10 minutes, before the Mass begins, we are transported into the mystical wonder of it all. We prepare our hearts and voices to sing praise to Our Creator; adoring, worshiping, and loving Him in His True Presence; and begging pardon for those who do not adore, do not worship, and do not believe.
Such a precious time is that which we spend waiting for the Mass to begin.

We are preparing for the most special and holy Guest of all.

There is no greater privilege on earth.

Copyright 2012 Judy Dudich


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  1. God bless you Barb. I am so glad you enjoyed today’s post 🙂 May the Special Guest reign in your heart, forever! Thank you for visiting my column here on CatholicMom!

  2. Beautiful! I agree w/ Barbara’s comment above. I’m finding more & more often that too many people spend those 10 minutes catching up w/ those seated around them, balancing checkbooks, checking phone/text messages, etc. instead of preparing their hearts & minds for the beauty of the Mass. (Pointing the finger at myself here! I know I have been guilty of this at times, esp. talking to others, & have been purposefully trying to change that behavior in myself.)

  3. Thanks Maria. Feel free to share the post in your parish, if you like:)
    And, thank you for the gentle reminder that we ALL have room to improve our “before Mass” dispositions! May the silence, beauty, and anticipation draw us nearer to His Sacred Heart!

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