Trouble with the Saints


Trouble with the Saints

 We are the Church! We identify those who have gone before us, both relatives and well-known Saints as the Church Triumphant (in Heaven) and we are the Militant (pilgrims on Earth). (CCC954)

Recognizing that even the Saints had their setbacks and struggles, we too are on our Journey to Heaven. Imagine the board game of Trouble as that Journey…walking side by side with our heroes, the Saints! Blessed by intercession with the saints, we Catholics can walk the walk, in the company of the Saints!

Painted wooden dolls come in handy for the most common of board games! Why not allow ourselves to build our Dream Team of Saints for our playing pieces?

Conveniently, I have painted both members of our immediate family, and some of our favorite Saints. See Painted Peg People .

I think that the painted wooden dolls lend themselves perfectly to how we can learn from the Saints, seek their intercession and foster the desire to grow in holiness!

Spiderman is cool and so is Superman, but aren’t the Saints our ultimate heroes?

The Saints are real people who walked on earth, and lived and died serving Jesus! Don’t we want to be inspired by the Saints, growing in holiness, fighting the good fight and ultimately hanging out with Jesus Himself in Heaven? Don’t we want our kids to be?

Most of us have the standard board games…checkers

(see Checkers: Converted 2 Catholic! ), Monopoly, Trouble…

Wouldn’t these games be more fun, if we had meaningful game pieces?

I have wanted to paint these little dolls for a long time…and while they have already been well loved and played with…marching around the house, role-playing and hiding-and-seeking, it finally occurred to me how we can use them in our own unique way: converting 2 Catholic our common boardgames!


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Monica, mom of 5, blogs about Catholic crafts and family traditions at She is an author and creator of Super Saints quizzing cards and over 45 Saint, Sacrament, Catechism and Prayer-packed Craft Kits to help teach the Catholic Faith. The Catholic teaching tools and gifts are available through Arma Dei, the Catholic family publishing company founded with her husband Bill.

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  1. So awesome, Monica! Thanks for the great ideas–and the laugh! I love seeing the saints all lined up on the Trouble board–so true!

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