A Lovely, Easy Advent Wreath for Your Mailbox


A huge thank you to Celine McCoy for sharing her amazingly creative (and yet easy and affordable) ideas for home Advent decorations. In this wonderful PDF file, Celine shares her directions for creating home made Advent banners and flags, and a lovely Advent Wreath that is the perfect outdoor decoration for this season. To download Celine’s full set of instructions, click here and have fun decorating your home for Advent!

Mailbox Advent Wreath Instructions


If You Don’t Have a Mailbox

Update: Celine has been kind enough to create a wonderful second set of ideas for those who do not have mailboxes! Here’s the PDF file for some alternative Advent decoration project ideas!




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  1. Even if I can’t get this together/done this year (very doubtful), it WILL be on our mailbox next year…and the banner will be on our door as well! I’m even thinking that mini versions of the banner would be great as Advent gifts for our parish…and the Advent wreath would be great for CCD class b/c it would teach the kids about Advent w/out having to light candles in class (quite dangerous w/all those 6 yr olds around the table!). LOVE this project…thanks for sharing & God bless your Advent!!!

  2. Thanks to Lisa for posting this and to everyone for your kind comments! I’m thrilled that this idea might catch on around the country (and the world?).

    Just wanted to add a little note about the candle flames: if you have trouble cutting a smooth line–or if a child is doing the cutting–it actually can look very artistic to cut the flame and center with jagged edges. (Keeping the outer circle as round as possible.) And feel free to use different combinations of colors, i.e., a white background, yellow flame, and orange center. I chose yellow for the outer circle as being the most eye-catching out of doors, but if you’re making one that will stay indoors, then any color would do. You could even use 3 pink and 1 purple for the outer circles (opposite of the candle color).

    A Blessed Advent to you all!

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