Outdoor Advent Wreaths: Make Known the Coming of Christ

Last week, I shared with you a terrific idea for a Mailbox Advent Wreath, shared by our reader Celine. This week, I was thrilled to receive yet another amazing set of images of a beautiful outdoor Advent wreath crafted by Pat and Trish in Chandler, Arizona.

Pat and Trish’s Outdoor Advent Wreath by Day

Along with the photos, Pat and Trish wrote to share the following tips and thoughts on their amazing Advent wreath:

Some tips on constructing this wreath would be to “think big”! I went to Lowes (we prefer to support them over Home Depot) and bought two 10 foot long PVC pipes (4 inch drainage pipes.) I cut them to make four “candles”. I spray painted them with glossy enamel. The flames and drips are cut from pieces of sheet metal. I spray painted them as well. I also cut 5 inches of wire and thread it through 4 inches of rope. Then, I pushed the ends of the wicks into styrofoam, and then placed them down into each candle. We have spot lights shining up on each candle at night. We placed pine branches around the base of the candles and placed white lights on them. The stable is something I made years ago for our nativity scene. Thank you for taking an interest in this. It has given us an opportunity to “evangelize” as people will ask us …”what’s with the purple candles?” :) Have a blessed Christmas, Pat and Trish

Pat and Trish’s Advent Wreath by Night

Again, I thank Pat and Trish for sharing this creative way to share the faith and the spirit of the Advent season. If you have a special Advent wreath, I’d love to hear about it!

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