Worshipping at What Altar?


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Growing up, I had a computer that wouldn’t access the internet, “merely” AOL. And by that, I mean an AOL from the little discs that were sent in the mail — not CDs, but those little hard discs.

When my father and I went to his university’s computer lab, with full-internet access, we both fell in for about five hours or so. Maybe more. It was just so easy. Almost certainly too easy. There was just so much out there to see and discover. We looked at nothing immoral, we just let the wild winds of the internet carry us onward, withersoever they blew.

And this was 1998, before there was Wikipedia or Youtube.

Growing up, I learned that we should pray two hours a week. One hour is Mass. The rest can be broken up over the other six days a week. Ten minutes a day.

Now, consider a moment the amount of minutes in the day you spend praying versus the amount of minutes you spend at the computer. Like me, you might find the numbers depressing.

Again, it’s only ten lousy minutes. In New York, that’s not even a fifth of my train ride back home from work.

So unplug your iPod while you’re on the train, or turn off the radio while you’re stuck in traffic, and please stop texting, thank you, and perhaps say a few prayers. It may be more constructive than cursing out the driver next to you, if only in your head. It would certainly lower your blood pressure.

The first commandment is to worship the Lord your God and have no other gods before Him. Let’s try to make certain that, at the end of the day, we are investing at least the minimum of time into God, lest we find ourselves worshiping at the altar of the blue screen of death.

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