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Would you like a free app for your Android device?  Would you like one tomorrow too?  Of course, you would.  In that case, you need to download the Amazon Appstore today.

In case you were wondering, the free apps that you can get from the Amazon Appstore are not normally free.  They are free for one day to help drive publicity for those apps, which can normally cost $2.99 or more.

Beyond the benefit of free apps, there are other valid reasons to use the Amazon Appstore:

  • It provides an alternative to the Google Play store.  Some people may not want to let Google completely control the entire world and would rather give a chunk of that control to Amazon.
  • On some tablets and smart phones, the Google Play store may not even be compatible.  Generally speaking, the Amazon Appstore will be.
  • Because of the two reasons above, some will turn to other Android app markets (there are plenty of them out there), but I personally worry about the security of the apps in those stores.  At least with Amazon, I know that I am dealing with a reputable company that won’t disappear tomorrow.
  • The Amazon Appstore allows you to use Amazon gift cards for app purchases.  Receive an Amazon gift card for Christmas?  Now, you can buy a new book for your Kindle and a new app for your phone.
  • If you’re not using a gift card, you can just sign in with your normal Amazon account.  Because I already own a Kindle, I can manage my ebooks, movies, and my apps in one place.
  • Parental controls on the Amazon Appstore are easy to use – much easier than Google’s (see my earlier post about the importance of parental controls).

Free apps, a reputable alternative to Google Play, better options for making purchases, and even better parental controls?  Seems like reason enough to look into this option.

There are drawbacks, of course.  One of the primary drawbacks is that the Amazon App Store does not have all of the apps that you will find on Google Play, but it will have most.  If most is good enough for you, then you will be fine.

Another drawback is the installation process.  You will, at least temporarily, have to allow installation from unknown sources.  The process is simple enough, but if you leave it set this way, you are leaving yourself open to potentially dangerous apps.  Just remember to change the setting back when you’re finished.

How do you install the Amazon Appstore?

  1. Go to “Settings” on your phone or tablet
  2. Under “Applications” or “Security”, allow installation from unknown sources
  3. Visit the Amazon Appstore installation link
  4. When the download is complete, open the file, and click “Install”

In less than a few minutes, you will be on your way.  With a quick search, I was able to find the Laudate, iMissal, Lighthouse Catholic Media Bible, Confession, iBreviary, iCatholicRadio, and a host of other great Catholic apps.

For those comparison shoppers out there, the Amazon Appstore is a great tool.  It helps you find great deals – even when you’re going mobile.

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