Why is the Generation of “Tolerance” so Complacent to Religious Persecution?


wooden crossIf you are following current events, especially those involving Hobby Lobby and the lack of public outcry over the injustice of their predicament, it would be a fair assessment to suppose that, never in the course of all our schooling, was my generation ever exposed to ‘tolerance’ and ‘anti-bullying’ education.   In fact, the opposite is true.

To all the Gen X’ers and Y’ers out there: didn’t we all read the Diary of Anne Frank, or Night by Elie Wiesel, which detail what happens when a religion is demonized by the government and almost totally annihilated from existence?

If so, then why, when religious persecution begins to crop up in our own backyard, do we not even protest?

And why do I get the un-funny feeling that, not unlike the townspeople of Aushwitz who cheerfully sat sipping lemonade on their porches while the smoke stacks of the death camp daily bellowed black ash above their rooftops, our generation will be characterized as distractedly updating their Facebook statuses while the fate of the First Amendment is similarly and tragically ignored.

It should be a worrying thing to any rational person when those presently in their 20s and 30s, who were the population most indoctrinated with phrases like,  “Bad things happen when good men do nothing,” and  “Become the change you wish to happen,” are also the most ostentatiously mute when their own government tries to force its people violate their religious beliefs.

Hm. Methinks the ‘lessons’ we were taught in school never took – or they just took on the same tone of superficiality and commercialization that characterizes our age.

How else could it happen that an imposed healthcare system arises where every employer of faith must choose between not offering healthcare to their employees or funding abortion inducing drugs – a decision, which historically, has never befallen any freely worshiping individual in our nation?

The most popular argument one hears in favor of the HHS mandate is this: religious employers can’t “force” their beliefs upon their employees. What those who hold to this argument don’t see is that now the government is imposing its beliefs upon privately enterprising employers who wish to operate their businesses (and their whole lives) in accordance with the tenets of their faith.

The government’s message is simple: the religion of the state trumps yours.  Since what the Obama administration dogmatically believes regarding healthcare is more widely held amongst individuals than your religion’s tenets (because popularity has always been religion’s aim) then you must violate your beliefs to publicly uphold the state’s beliefs.

If that isn’t blatant infringement of the practice of religious freedom, I don’t know what is.

It begs the question of why now?  Did the administration know that there are few of us remaining, who would become indignant at their actions?

It used to be that anyone with a backbone could be trusted to call out bullying when they saw it.  Now, it seems, that so long as our medical bills are covered, all is well and good.

To a point, I sympathize with the silence of so many.  There is a feeling of, “What can I do?” in the face of such unprecedented evil.  That and my generation is poor, very poor.  Because most of our parents aren’t going to retire, ever, we don’t want to jeopardize our chance to take the handouts the government is willing to give us, since we don’t have a way of becoming sufficient for ourselves.

Also, why “become the change we want see to happen,” when we can now all run out and get our tubes tied or our urethra severed for free?  Apparently, that’s the pinnacle of everyone’s middle age, as my husband and I are now learning from most of our peers.

We no longer need to become those proverbial “good people” who speak up when bad things happen because the media is not going to report all that dreary bad stuff anyway, and, heck, most of us probably even voted in the guy doing all the persecuting.

So, sorry, persecuted religious people, you’re on your own in this fight.

Along the way, my generation had to pick its battles, and it seems we’ve chosen to save our own necks and stay silent while those who are being unjustly treated are silently lead to martyrdom by the state who is trying to forcibly excise their right to practice their beliefs in the secular sphere.

Instead of reacting, here we sit comfortably, while it all occurs, sipping our Moscato in our apartments, while the ashes of the first amendment rise above our heads.  Just like every other do-nothing-about-it generation of people who allowed evil to rule and themselves to be ruled by evil.

Copyright 2013 Marissa Nichols


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  1. Where were Catholics when that woman in Ireland lost her life because doctors were too afraid to perform the abortion that could have saved her? Catholics were on the street with signs protesting any clarification of Ireland’s abortion law while doctors were begging for legal clarification and removal of the Damocles’ sword hanging over them every time they made a judgement call and came down on the side of a sick mother. Where is the outrage from Catholics when their Supreme Pontiff declares that “unregulated capitalism” is an impediment to world peace? What kind of regulation did you expect? If you want freedom for yourself, you need to start standing up for freedom for all.

    • I’m the lowly web designer for this site and I had to comment on your comment. Doctors were afraid to perform an abortion? That’s a good thing. Perhaps it’s fear of the judgement of God who said ‘Thou shalt not kill’. This is the regulation of God. Christ said the Truth will set you free. The goal is Truth, and we find true freedom as a result. ‘Freedom for all’ is there for the taking if we seek to do God’s will. Then we have deep inner peace, and nothing can take that away from us. But ‘Freedom for all’, if you mean doing whatever ‘floats your boat’, is not really freedom. It’s encouraging people to do whatever they want, including things that lead to sin, which is the worst kind of slavery.

      • 1) Abortion isn’t murder.

        2) You don’t get to project your borderline evil interpretation of God and the bible onto everyone else.

        God’s will doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re spewing. Really tired of uneducated extremists making us all look bad and dragging Gods name through the mud.

    • Marissa Nichols on

      Megan, though I’m sure we both would agree that Savita Halappananvar’s death was exceedingly tragic, I would disagree strongly about the the details of what actually killed her. Details have emerged since her death about what actually happened – and it turns out that not only was there no request for an abortion, but what she died of, septicemia, was something an abortion could not even have ‘fixed.’ Here’s my source:http://www.lifesitenews.com/tag/savita+halappanavar, if you are interested. The post itself deals with the separate issue of freedom of religious practice, and I’m not sure about what the rest of your comment is trying to get at. Catholics aren’t outraged at a clearly supportable thesis made by the Holy Father, exactly because what he says is true, and obviously so. Any form of unregulated government, democratic, communist, is in danger of becoming despotic and threatening to freedom everywhere. So, why become outraged at a so logical a statement. Also, I can’t remember a time when Catholics didn’t stand up for freedom for all. But, if by “freedom” you mean to do whatever you want, then, please know, we differ greatly on our definitions of freedom. Freedom to sin, for Catholics, is actually slavery. We have always and will always call others to living virtuous, pure of heart lives, and we are always going to stand up for ourselves when others are trying to force us to fund/condone sin. Put simply, we will do no harm, no matter how much harm the world wants to do to itself.

  2. Megan, I spent the past year studying the history of maternity care in Ireland, with a focus on infant and maternal mortality and for anyone who is aware of the case knows that she died from a septic condition that would not have been prevented had she had an abortion. Also, there is a Marie Stopes clinic in Dublin that can refer patients to England where they can have an abortion if they wish, so there was that option in place and she could have taken it. Oddly, all you hear about though is a Catholic Health Care system that killed a poor woman instead of the spouse who would rather blame the system. It makes me mad when people blow up this case because the country has come so far in the past 80 years . 80 years ago Ireland had the second highest maternal and infant mortality rate in Europe and one in ten babies died due to poverty, malnutrition and disease. Because of the attention and care shown to mothers the country now has one of the lowest rates, in spite of having one of the highest birth rates in Europe. Ireland is not some backward country. In fact, it is a lovely place, that happens to have a respect for life.

  3. I guess commenting here was a waste of my time. You guys are openly admitting you want religious freedom for yourselves and slavery for everyone else. Don’t expect to win allies in your fight against the government if you’re going to openly commit to doing your best to replace govt. slavery with Catholic govt. slavery.

  4. Marissa Nichols on

    Megan, if by “waste of your time” you mean that we are not going change our minds about wanting our first amendment rights protected, then yes, it was. But if you did take away anything new, even from the comments of the good people above, then I hope you keep searching for why it is Catholics believe and vote and say the things they do about a.) what true freedom is and b.) how the Church herself preserves it and us from slavery. I wish you peace, my sister.

  5. Taylor Gilfillan on

    What is that phrase, ‘The truth shall set you free?’ The Catholic Church has endured through greater trouble and will continue to do so. Ireland and the Irish as a people have suffered for their Catholicism because people fail to understand or tolerate it. Historically, it is acceptable to label certain countries as ‘Anti Catholic’ and those include places like America, Scotland, Northern Ireland ect where Catholics have endured serious hardship. Now, as a ‘modern’ ‘tolerant’ society is that appropriate for that anti Catholic biases to continue? If you substitute Catholic with any other religion, or creed, there would be an uproar but people have been attacking the Church for centuries and continue to do so. It is nothing new. So I will take slavery to so called enlightenment any time. We as a faith will continue to stand against injustice, because if we don’t who will? What liberals fail to realize is we can object, but lovingly object. We believe that every soul has dignity and should be treated as such.

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