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I’ve been looking for an app to chart my body’s fertility for quite a while. Remember my begging? No? Well, I assure you, I even used this space to try to find something, and never had any luck.


My days of searching are over, though, and I’m excited to share a brand-new app with you: MyFertilityMD.

Here’s a brief intro via YouTube:

{Click here to view the embedded video.}

I’ve been using this for one cycle, so I’m very much a novice user, but I was so excited about it, I just had to write about it and share it here.

Natural Family Planning–or, as the MyFertilityMD folks have repackaged it, Organic Family Planning–teaches you to pay attention to and keep track of your body’s signs to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

When I say this is an answer to a prayer of mine, I’m not exaggerating. And, from what I’ve learned in my communications with the founders, it’s an answer to their prayers too.

Easy to use


I did spend the time to watch the introductory videos. For one thing, I was curious. For another thing, it’s been a while since our NFP class (which was a correspondence class, not an in-person class). And for something else, I haven’t been charting for about two years.

The videos are easy to find and they’re short. They’re also well-done, professional and informative.

When you have questions, there are easy to find and easy to use FAQ sections, or, if you’re lazy (like cough me), you can send a message through the app or the website.

And using it each day? It’s less work than putting on my socks in the morning. The app even gives me a reminder at the time I set it for.

Answers = found


Not sure if this sign you’re having is normal? Worried about something? Just confused by your body?

Or any number of other things…there are real doctors (like people with MD after their name, not theologians, mind you) on hand. They’ll look at your charts, answer your questions, pass you the coffee–oh, wait, I’m getting my apps confused…

The FAQs and instructional videos are very good, too. (Yes, I already mentioned that, but it bears repeating.)

In the event that you want to share your chart with your own medical professional or someone else (like your spouse?), you can easily export them.


The cost of classes? Between $100-200. The cost of ongoing learning? I don’t know.

Right now, the app costs $4.99 in iTunes. That’s a special introductory price, and I think this app is worth at least three times that (or more).

Best of the best


Using this app (and the method behind it) involves no chemicals. No pills. So it’s completely green in all the best ways.

And hey! Being in line with Church teaching doesn’t hurt anything, either!

It’s based on over ten years of medical research and the wisdom of Natural Family Planning, but it goes beyond that, because incorporating the on-the-go and instant updating abilities of the web and devices like iPhones changes the game completely.

Whether you’re into Creighton or sympto-thermal or Billings or any of the other types of NFP, it doesn’t matter. This app supports them all. And if you don’t know what that sentence just meant (welcome to my world), then no worries. This is the app for that. 🙂

If you find yourself not sure about this whole NFP thing, this is a way to start. You’ll learn about your body, and in doing that, you’ll learn a lot about both yourself and your relationship with your family. (Sounds crazy, I know, but there you have it.)

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  1. Monica @ on

    I have a question….does this app allow you to compare month to month (showing a band of charted days, one month after another, like the original paper and sticker charts? Is that the format it can send to an NFP teacher? Thanks!

    • Sarah Reinhard on

      Monica, great question and I actually forwarded it on to the app developers. I’m new enough that, though I didn’t notice this capability in the app, it might be there and I didn’t see it.

      (So I’m no help. But hopefully someone who IS will be chiming in very soon!)

      • It also logs all your previous months, which can be swiped back and forth. Looks like a whole month calendar at a time.

  2. Karee Santos on

    I was a complete flop at sympto-thermal and Creighton (a lot of beautiful babies to show for it, tho!). Then I found the MyDays X app for Android. I use ovulation tests from CVS. When the ovulation test is positive, I add 3 days, and then green light! I track my ovulation date on the app, and it gathers data to predict the next cycle. Pretty good predictions so far! The ovulation tests are pricey, but I can’t believe I found something that works for me, and the app is WAY better than the chart and stickers.

    • Using Fertility Machines can get quite expensive, but are helpful when needed for confirmatory signs, either when avoiding, or trying to conceive. MyFertilityMD App uses Fertility Machines as confirmatory signals. MyFertilityMD will be available in Mobile App version shortly for all smartphone users.

    • The Marquette method of NFP might be of interest to you Karen.
      It uses the clearplan easy fertility monitor along with your mucous signs and even basal temp if you want to add it too and is highly effective and easy to use. I learned at a local hospital with an NFP RN with my husband for a study to determine its effectiveness. They have had many studies through out the years that you may qualify for to receive a free monitor!
      The sticks can be costly but it is worth it.
      I no longer use the sticks just the mucous charting now. It is a simple way and after many years of use I became confident in using it alone.

    • Sarah Reinhard on

      Erika, if you mean a non-Fire Kindle, no. If you mean a Kindle Fire, as soon as it’s available in Android format, yes.

      You can use the functionality of the software without the app on any computer that gets online.

    • Honestly Catholic on

      Kindle Readers would not because they do not support apps. The Kindle Fire does support android apps. Once MyFertilityMD is available for android, you should be able to use it for the Kindle Fire.

  3. Rita Rossini on

    um, right there with you, Sarah… I haven’t charted for a couple of years now. I love that this could send me reminders!! With 5 kiddos, I need that! Here’s hoping I win! 😉

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  5. I am wondering if this is a subscription app or once you buy the App there is no further charges? I was considering the FertilityProGo from the CCL but realized once they made me create an account that it is a paid subscription. Now reading the reviews seem like you also HAVE TO take some classes. I have been using NFP for 10 yrs and charting on line for almost 4 but the current charting method I am using does not let me chart all my signs.

  6. It is a one time Purchase and no classes needed. All self contained within app. Videos to answer questions and teach how to use app and how to make observations.

  7. I don’t know if it has happened to anyone else who reads this blog, but I know at least one other person who has had trouble with the Fertility MD website and app downloading on their iPad. Check out Apple reviews too to verify poor communication from this company. And customer service with the company has been awful; I have been trying personally to get a refund since August for a purchase of the app that wouldn’t download for me (and charged me twice). They STILL have not bothered to send me a promised refund check and it has been four and a half months. They were also quite condescending over the phone, indicating that I apparently had no idea how to work my device instead of assuming that it was buggy.

    Be careful with this company!

  8. Update: Since my last comment, the issue has been resolved. Although it was quite frustrating, I appreciate the quick response to my dissatisfaction and the sincere desire from FertilityMD staff to put things right. While I have since gone back to pen and paper since initially purchasing the product, others have found it to be wonderfully helpful and I encourage anyone looking for a way to update their charting methods to give it a try. Thanks!

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