MyFertilityMD: A New App for NFP Charting

I had so much to say about this “rock star charting app” that I actually said it! I hope you enjoy my video review of the MyFertilityMD charting app.

Please note: For purposes of brevity, my review assumes you have a working knowledge of natural family planning charting. If not, more information can be found at MyFertilityMD’s website (

{Click here to watch the embedded video on YouTube.}

Thanks for watching. Now enter to win!

Have you “liked” MyFertilityMD on Facebook? If you haven’t, head on over and do so. Then come on back and leave a note in the comment box below. By doing those two things by 8:00 PM Pacific Time on January 20, 2013, you’ll be entered to win this app. Good luck!

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