Small Success Thursday: A Decade of Gratitude

Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday

Happy 2013!  And welcome back to Small Success Thursday, the day we stop to count our blessings.  Today, I’m proposing a means of really meditating on these little victories we hold over housework or homework or keeping our lives moving forward, gratitude via prayer.  On each bead of the rosary, say a thing, a triumph, a victory that you either are aspiring towards or achieved in this past week.  It can be little things like I read a story at bedtime even though I was tired, or big things like I signed my daughter up for the SAT.  The basement is not a wreck.   I paid the taxes and I am not a wreck.   We had a lovely date night out at a Greek Restaurant and the Art Museum, and a fun family outing to two basketball games and two birthdays.   I said “No” to something.   I said “Yes” to something else.   You will breeze through a decade and discover as you speak, countless things that shower out that deserve a “Thank you” to God.

And welcome back!  I’m looking forward to reading about the things that you did to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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  1. I caught up on all clothes laundry (not linens/towels), reorganized my bedroom, got everyone where they needed to be all week despite not sleeping for almost a week due to the steroids I’m on.

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