Great Podcasts for Guys (or Anyone, Really)


My husband drives an hour-and-a-half each way to work every day. Sometimes it’s over two hours each way. A good thing that has come out of his extra quiet time is that he has started listening to various Catholic podcasts while he drives.


He has a nice routine worked out: he downloads the available podcasts to his iPod each night before bed and has them all lined up and waiting for him during his early morning drive. It’s become a routine that he really enjoys.

Commuting can become a fantastic time for a person to strengthen their faith, learn about the world they live in, and grow in knowledge and holiness.

Even though this is, sometimes we like to help a fella out, right? Our husbands, dads, brothers and sons may not have time to search endlessly online for valuable resources. That’s when we can buddy up and help! So today I’d like to share what I call “Great Podcasts for Guys,” but it really could be called “Great Podcasts For Anyone”. 🙂

These suggestions have been gathered from my husband, Curt, my friend Brandon Vogt, and my friend and colleague over at Austin Catholic New Media, Jason Elizondo. These are some awesome guys–you can take their recommendations to heart!

The gold-standard for Catholic podcasts. They have a few dozen podcasts in their network on all sorts of topics.


A new podcast by Fr. Roderick Vonhogen, a Dutch priest who reviews all things media.

Fr. Robert Barron’s Weekly Homily

Fr. Barron offers brilliant commentary on the Sunday readings. The nice part is, he posts the podcasts on the Thursday or Friday before, which means you can listen to it and preapre yourself before Mass.

Two Guys and a Girl Catholic Podcast

This is Jason Elizondo’s podcast, and he’s promoting the New Evangelization in the Diocese of Austin.

Mark Hart/Lifeteen

They have a podcast called “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday” that offers reflections on the readings for young people. Not just for teens!

Daily Readings from USCCB or Divine Office

The USCCB has a podcast with the daily readings, and you can also find a great liturgy of the hours podcast at

The Catholic Guy Show Podcast  

Lino Rulli is described by his friends as “The Catholic Guy” because that is exactly what he is, an everyday Catholic guy with a fresh, fun, and often offbeat take on living out the faith in the world today.

Catholic Underground

The Catholic Underground exists to explore the intersection of the Catholic Faith and the work of modern technology. Programs aim to bring the Eternal Truths of the Catholic Faith to the Digital Continent, the Church’s newest mission field, in a manner that is both approachable and unwavering.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know

A lighthearted exploration of various prominent and obscure Catholic topics. Started in January 2010 as a response to Pope Benedict’s letter to evangelize the world in a digital format.

The Catholic Hack Podcast

By Joe McClane – Catholic Apologetics, theology, early Church Fathers, and more.

How about you?

Do you know of a great Catholic podcast that you’d like to share?

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  1. Mary Hennessey on

    I love the Catholic Laboratory by Ian Maxfield, and the Saintcast by Paul Camerata, both are affiliated with SQPN.

  2. Awesome list! I have a few more podcasts if you’re interested (with a bit of a Canadian bias, since I’m up here and holed up indoors with the frigid weather):

    The Catholics Next Door:
    Greg & Jennifer Willits recently rebooted their podcast after their popular SiriusXM ahow ended. It’s a must-listen for me every week.

    Salt and Light Radio:
    They chat about all kinds of topics, especially as they concern Catholics in Canada.

    (And if I may be permitted to self-promote something that myself and a few priest friends recently got underway, which is meant to reach out especially to young men: The SportsFathers – We are priests who love to talk about sports. Again, it’s got more of a Canadian focus – NHL, CFL, etc., though we do also bring up NFL and MLB and such.)

    • Thank you Fr. Darryl, these are great suggestions! And, sounds like a great way to reach out!

  3. Peter Kreeft has great podcasts. He is one of the reasons for my returning to the catholic faith. There are some free and of course the ones you need to pay a little bit. I would also recommend Catholic Answers’. Also, for a christian podcast I like William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith. Arguments for God’s existence pretty well explained and also how to respond to common objections and more There is also an app.

  4. Catherine Boucher on

    Catholic Answers Live! Although I’m a cradle Catholic, I manage to learn something new every time I listen to this show. You can count on faithful Catholic information from the fantastic host and high-caliber guests. It’s on live everyday for 2 hours, and the shows are available for download 24 hours later. I can’t recommend it enough! To learn more, go to

  5. When it comes to podcasts I listen “religiously” to Catholic Answers Live (, Fr. Barron’s Homilies (, Msgr. Pope’s Homilies (, Fr. Richard’s Homilies ( There are some great audio resources from Dr. Scott Hahn at

  6. Richard Grebenc on
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  10. Vericast is another Catholic podcast thats great for guys. Or anyone really lol. The hosts are really knowledgable and bold and fearless. I’ve been hooked ever since I found it. Always I see people mentioning the Catholic guy podcast or SQPN podcasts and they never heard of Vericast. When I started listening to it I never wanted to listen to the Catholic Guy show again. The have different catholic podcasts on the site that are good too but the main show is called Vericast. I don’t know if I can put the site address in here but if you google vericast catholic podcast you can find the site.

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