Catholic Flashcards for Toddlers

Catholic Flash Cards for Toddlers

Catholic Flash Cards for Toddlers

Our boys (ages 4, 3 and 1) love Mass (even though many Sundays they try all our patience and aren’t very cooperative)!  So I decided to make Catholic flash cards from photos taken at our church and from some found online. They really enjoy going through them and we can point out the familiar objects during Mass to try to help keep their focus and attention.

Below you’ll find the link to download the images and print to make your own. Or take photos of the objects in your own church for added familiarity for the little ones. I made them 4×6 prints and laminated ours for extra durability and keep them together with a binder ring.

Hope your family enjoys them as much as our boys!

Catholic Flash Cards Download

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  1. I did something like this for my youngest when he was a toddler. My grandmother had just passed away, and I received her huge pile of prayer cards. Some of them had colorful saints’ pictures on them. I laminated the cards and put them on a ring. When he would get restless in church I would give him his pictures of saints to look at.

    I like your idea of using objects found in a church to the set of pictures!

    • Linda Binggeli on

      Thanks for sharing, Barb! How sweet that the cards belonged to your grandmother. We too have quite the collection of prayer cards and do the same with our boys. Blessings!

    • we do the same for our boys–it is a wonderful use for funeral prayer cards, pretty religious pictures from Christmas cards, etc–and another way to keep these people in our prayers!

  2. My son is getting ready for his First Reconciliation / First Communion and is sometimes overwhelmed with all the things going on at Mass and all the new things he is learning. This is a great resource.

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  5. “I found this on Pinterest” is my new line and my husband makes fun of me. BUT…. How thankful am I that we liive in a time when we get to share our interests and creative ideas. I’m in RCIA class and have 2 daughters, 7 & 3. Getting through mass is not easy for any mom and our family is learning so much so quickly. Thank you for this lovely idea. I know my girls will enjoy helping to make these!

    • Linda Binggeli on

      That’s a common line I use too often too 🙂 Our boys still enjoy these cards. Your girls will enjoy them! Thank you for the kind words! Blessings!

    • Linda Binggeli on

      This has been removed. So sorry, it was not intentional at all. I made these long ago and remember just doing a google image search for genuflect. I didn’t even think to look at the source. Again, my deepest apologies and the image has been removed.

  6. Hi, I know it has been a long time since you posted this. Do you have another link for the cards as the one above doesn’t work anymore.

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