Christian Binoculars Craft


binoculars craft One day last school year my son brought home a pair of binoculars that were crafted from two toilet paper tubes covered with a piece of paper. He really enjoyed playing with his binoculars, taking them outside with him whenever he went out to play. I thought it would be really neat to make a pair that had a Bible verse printed on them, making it both fun and educational. When I showed these to my son, he was really excited to make his own!

items neededSupplies Needed:

Two toilet paper tubes (or one paper towel tube cut in half)



Stapler and staples

Printable Christian Binocular Craft Pattern


1.  Print, color, and cut out Printable Christian Binocular Craft Pattern.

2.  Staple the two toilet paper tubes together side-by-side, creating the binoculars.


3.  Fold the Christian Binocular Craft Pattern around the toilet paper tubes, centering the Bible verse over the top and secure with a piece of tape.


4.  Using small pieces of tape, secure the paper to the ends of the toilet paper tubes so it does not slip off.


5. Optional: You may choose to punch holes in either side of the binoculars and tie a piece of string to each hole to place around your child’s neck for carrying. I opted not to do this because I feel it presents a choking hazard.


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