Top 10 Free Catholic Apps for iOS


Tom Lelyo of submitted this as a video for us to share with you:

{Click here to view the embedded video on YouTube.}

Listing of apps as they appear in the video:

  1. Mass Times
  2. Lighthouse Catholic Media Bible App
  3. Mea Culpa
  4. iBreviary
  5. Ignio
  6. Steubenville
  7. Divine Mercy
  8. Mary App
  9. Scriptural Rosary
  10. Laudate

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  2. Is there an app you would recommend for daily meditations, something akin to “In Conversation With God”? I have an app for the saint of the day and the readings of the day. I use a Bible app to read the full Psalm of the Day, but I miss then meditations on daily Mass readings. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for those ideas. I used to subscribe to the Magnificat. It is lovely. But, now I have the readings of the day through another app. And I enjoy reading the entire Psalm of the day through a Bible App. So, I need only daily meditations. You are right, though. The Magnificat is an excellent option for someone wanting the readings of the day and much more. I miss the lovely art. Thanks again!

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