Passing Time, Filling Time

Passing Time, Filling Time

Passing Time, Filling Time

As we leave Ordinary Time to enter the season of Lent, we ready our homes, our families, our souls. The window washing, the pinning up of the handmade crosses and sentimental Easter décor,  the burying of the “Alleluias”….Those are the easy details.

Readying spiritually?  So many ways. So many.  And quite difficult.

We ready the soul by attending confession, of course. The cleansing and refreshening, the grace filled clean slate given by our Lord as always, gives us new opportunities, new beginnings.

Prioritizing weekly Stations of the Cross, another. Reading the Good Book, those scripture verses specific to new beginnings, to salvation, to repentance, to sacrfice.

We grow older with each passing minute, each passing year, each passing Lenten season. Our children, too. I intend to try, try, to live  each passing day with an awareness, not of losing time, as in a sieve. But of gaining time. Of  filling time intently, purposefully.  I am blessed with time.

I intend to observe more. Involve more. Notice more. Participate more. Perhaps not get to everything on my checklist.

Because this is the checklist of life.

When the season is over, when The Most Precious Gift ever has been given us, the gift of Love, the gift of Salvation, the gift of Eternal Life, will I feel as if I have earnestly attempted to live as one worthy?   I can only hope so. I can only pray so.

Friends, at Lisa’s sugeston, I  am humbly offering a link up at my blog. “Memoir Mondays” has been incredibly inspirational.  I’d be honored, my blogging friends,  if you  clicked over for details and  joined in the weekly hop:  Thank you and a holy, memorable and fulfilling Lenten season to you.

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