Win Catholic Fiction Treasure Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage

Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage

Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage

I remember the first time I read Cheryl Dickow’s treasure  Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage – I was caught up in the beauty of a great story, but also fell in love with a new destination: the Holy Land. Little did I imagine that years later, I would have the awesome opportunity to travel to Israel. So many times during my trip last year, I remembered back to scenes from Cheryl’s book and smiled.

Today, I’m thrilled to share the good news that Catholic author and publisher Cheryl Dickow is offering our readers a gift: your chance to win one of three copies of Elizabeth: A Holy Land PilgrimageHere’s the blueprint of this terrific tale:

Join Elizabeth’s mid-life flight to the Holy Land as she questions her marriage and her life. See how God reaches her through people and events. Experience Elizabeth’s walk on the Via Dolorosa, the way of the cross, and her kayak trip down the Jordan River. Sit with her at an outdoor café and marvel at the sights and sounds of Jerusalem. Listen as Elizabeth learns the names of God and hears about the matriarchs of the faith: Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah. Discover, with Elizabeth, the true nature of agape love on the pilgrimage of a lifetime.

This week, we’re giving away three copies of  Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage by Cheryl Dickow – to enter, leave a comment below by midnight on Saturday, February 23, 2013. Three winners will be randomly selected to win the book. 

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Update – our winners have been notified. Thank you to all who participated. LMH


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  1. To Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, or Not to Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, that is my question. Praying for discernment today.

  2. One of my major “bucket list” items is a trip to the Holy Land. My best friend’s daughter spent a year studying there and has really ignited an even stronger desire for me to go too. Would love to read this book, sounds like it will help inspire me to save even more so I can make this dream a reality!

  3. Sounds like an interesting book, but I am a little dismayed by the cover. The woman chooses to cover her hair but is very bare shouldered. It seems her headcovering is only a fashion statement and not an acceptance of our womanly vocation. Sad.

    • Cheryl Dickow on


      You shouldn’t be dismayed! Nor should you be so judgmental and say a woman who covers her head to pray does so as a fashion statement.

      This couldn’t be further from the truth.

      A woman who covers her head to pray is choosing to be in obedience to Scripture which says “But any woman who prays or prophesies with her head unveiled dishonorours her head.” A fuller meaning of why a woman covers her head is about God having authority over her and also protection against spiritual warfare. There is a rich meaning to a woman covering her head in prayer and what is truly “sad” is that many women no longer know, understand, or choose to practice this form of obedience.

  4. Donna Stachulski on

    I had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl Dickow at a talk in Michigan and I bought her book “God’s Ten Gifts for Women & the Journal”. It is a great Lenten Walk and it would nice to win this book as another walk through Easter!

  5. I would love to read this book. I have my trip planned for October and I’m enjoying reading everything I can find!

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