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This week on Pinterest, with the big news unfolding of Pope Benedict XVI’s historic resignation, I went looking for Pope-related boards. I specifically wanted to find a board that nicely paid tribute to all our Holy Father has meant to us over the past several years. I was happy to find pinner Debbie Ashley’s simple Pope Benedict XVI board, which is truly a highlight of some special pontifical moments. If you have other Benedict related boards to recommend, please share them in the comments below.

Pope Benedict XVI - Click to Follow

Pope Benedict XVI – Click to Follow

And here’s this week’s tip of the week from Allison Girone of the Catholic Pinterest Group Board who has kindly agreed to offer a weekly pointer for us on how to use some best practices to enjoy and effectively employ Pinterest:

Pinterest tool – http://pinstamatic.com/ Try out all the great ways you can easily MAKE pins with this tool. They describes themselves this way…”LOVE PINTEREST BUT FINDING IT HARD TO ADD MORE THAN PHOTOS? NEED TO ADD A NOTE, A QUOTE OR A WEBSITE TO YOUR BOARDS? WANT TO SHARE SOME MUSIC ON PINTEREST?”  This will open up whole new ways of creating pins, enjoy!

If you’re a Catholic using Pinterest, please drop a link in the comments below to share your boards. Also, I’d love to hear about why you love Pinterest and how you think this latest craze might be used to spread the Good News.

Lisa M. Hendey loves Pinterest and can be found at http://pinterest.com/lisahendey/

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  1. Mary Wallace on

    I LOVE Pinterest!!!!! I have unorganized thoughts on Pinterest, as my boards will show! But, my boards are me! It reminds me of when I was a little girl, and I would pin things to my bulletin board – pictures of Menudo (don’t judge), newspaper clippings of baby Jessica that fell down the well, the man with the baboon heart, information about space travel…

    Here is my place on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mwallace0412/

    God Bless!


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