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What’s more fascinating than a book detailing your baby’s development a week at a time? An interactive ebook that makes the information come alive.


That’s what I found in the “Week by Week” series available for the Inkling app (for iOS devices, Mac, or PC).

I enjoy the convenience of ebooks, but as nonfiction resources they usually leave me cold. It’s too hard to flip around within the book to find just the information you need right now. But the Inkling format removes that obstacle. These are not your ordinary ebooks. There’s an interactive glossary, plenty of HD video and a notebook/workbook where you can enter your questions, notes and even your baby’s milestones!  And your notes will sync across all your devices.

As you go through the books, if topics from other chapters are mentioned, there are handy links that take you right there–no pages to flip, no bookmarks to lose.

One really useful feature is the Slideline guide. It’s a mini-slideshow embedded right into the book, and you choose the pace of the lesson. Just click on the picture to get started, then move the slider along the bottom to proceed through the whole slideshow. Check out this Slideline of your baby’s development in utero!

This series includes three ebooks:

You can read the first chapter of Your Baby’s First Year Week by Week FREE. You’ll find comprehensive coverage of everything a new parent needs to know without a lot of overwhelming detail, plus graphics and video to make the information more concrete. The format is user-friendly and accessible. This is an excellent way to make nonfiction work in ebook format.

Pair this with Sarah Reinhard’s A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy and you’ll have all the bases covered!

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