Why Attend the Easter Vigil?

Why Attend the Easter Vigil?

Why Attend the Easter Vigil?

For many years I avoided the Easter Vigil like you avoid people who have a stomach virus.  At some point in my career as a parish minister I needed to attend.  I was not really looking forward to it.  I had heard it was very long, with many readings and a long homily.  At that time I worked at our diocese’s Cathedral but even the thought of celebrating Easter with the Bishop did not tempt me.  But duty called and so off I went.

What an amazing experience it was to attend the Easter Vigil.  Yes, it was a bit longer than a usual Mass but containing such beauty and richness that when it was over I thought truly heaven and earth had met that night.

I ask you to consider attending the Easter Vigil at your parish this year.  It is especially important to do so if your parish has people who have gone through the RCIA process and are being baptized or being received into full communion with the Catholic Church.  It is your opportunity to welcome them to the family in a very visible and tangible way.  These folks may not know you or even remember you were there, but they will remember the presence of the community.

The liturgy at the Easter Vigil is full of sacramentals and sacraments; all the signs and symbols of our faith are there to lift our hearts and minds to worship.  There is fire, candlelight, water, incense, readings from the Old and New Testament to remind us of God’s plan of salvation, bread, and wine.  We possibly can celebrate three sacraments tonight, Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist with those coming into the Church.  No matter what though, we celebrate the Eucharist for the first time since Holy Thursday, bread and wine become Jesus’ Body and Blood; the tabernacle filled,  the sanctuary lamp lit to remind us again that Jesus is present.

You will not regret attending the Easter Vigil.  Go to be part of the community that welcomes its’ new members into the Catholic Church. Go to get a glimpse of heaven on earth.  Go to celebrate the Resurrection.

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Deanna G. Bartalini, is a Catholic writer, speaker, and educator. She and her husband Deacon John have two married children and a grandson. Deanna loves teaching about Catholicism and how it fits into our daily lives. She writes at DeannaBartalini.com, serves as the editor of the NewEvangelizers.com blog, and is a contributor there as well as at AmazingCatechists.com. Deanna contributed to A Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion published by Ave Maris Press. She has written “Invite the Holy Spirit into Your Life: Growing in Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control” one book in the series of the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women published by Our Sunday Visitor. Deanna is available to lead retreats and speak at catechist and ministry events.


  1. Ginny Kubitz Moyer on

    I agree that the Easter Vigil is like heaven and earth meeting. I used to love to go … haven’t been back since having children (my husband is the head of RCIA, so he has to be there; I’m the one who is always at home on Kid Duty). One of these years, I’ll be back! Have a great Holy Week.

  2. i HAVE A QUESTION THAT I DONT KNOW IF ANY ONE IS FAMILIAR WITH.We finially baptized our 12 year old daughter this past easter sunday at easter vigil.Like all the other girls being baptized,we dressed her in the traditional white,poofy,top of the knees,baptism dress with the matching bonnet,lace anklets,and white ‘mary jane’ shoes.under her dress she wore the standard white cloth diaper with plastic pants[rubberpants]over it and a white under shirt.She will be making her first holy communion next may 2015 and i want to know if her baptism diaper and rubberpants can be worn under white tights with her communion dress? can any one advise me on this? thanks

    • I did it with our daughter,she was baptized at 15 and wore the cloth diaper and rubberpants under her poofy dress,then 1 year later she made her first communion at 16 and she wore the diaper and rubberpants under her communion dress

  3. Eric Budowsky on

    The Easter Vigil is amazing! I am a recent convert from Judaism to Catholicism and found the Easter Vigil to be the most rewarding day of my life! To be Baptised, Confirmed and Receive for the first time at the Easter Vigil, 2012 will be a day I will remember forever.

  4. Our 14 year old daughter was baptized at easter sunday mass this past easter and had to wear the same outfit as Dianne L. daughter did all the girls are required to wear their baptism cloth diaper and rubberpants and under shirt under their communion dresses on May 15.The girls are still considered newly baptized babies for their First communion yet.

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