Pope Benedict's Support for Catholic Schools Will Be Lasting Legacy


Editor’s note: I am grateful to our friends at the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education for sharing this recent reminder of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s vast appreciation for Catholic schools. Read the article in full on the ACE website here. LMH
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Pope Benedict XVI will be fondly remembered for his commitment and devotion to Catholic grade schools and high schools, according to Rev. Ronald J. Nuzzi, senior director of the Alliance for Education (ACE) Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program. On the ACE blog Father Nuzzi wrote that Pope Benedict’s support for Catholic schools will be a lasting legacy.

Recalling the pope’s pastoral visit to the United States in a pastoral visit to the United States in April 2008, Father Nuzzi wrote of Benedict’s address at the Catholic University of America in Washington, in which he praised the dedication and commitment of Catholic educational leaders, including teachers, principals, diocesan superintendents, religious educators, university presidents, and professors.

“It was a grand and blessed moment for all involved in the ministry of Catholic education,” Father Nuzzi said, “for such high praise does not often come from such a high office.
U.S. Catholic educators, especially those serving in K-12 Catholic schools, will never forget the Pope’s encouraging words and pastoral visit.

Read Pope Benedict’s Support for Catholic Schools Will Be Lasting Legacy


Rev. Ronald J. Nuzzi

Rev. Ronald J. Nuzzi

Rev. Ronald Nuzzi, Ph.D., is senior director of the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program in the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education. A priest of the Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio, Father Nuzzi is a nationally recognized author and speaker on the Catholic school system in the United States.

The remarks of Pope Benedict XVI about Catholic schools in April 2008 contributed inspiration–and the title–for the 2009 report of the Notre Dame Task Force on the Participation of Latino Children and Families in Catholic Schools. See the report, titled To Nurture the Soul of a Nation: Latino Families, Catholic Schools, and Educational Opportunity, which gave rise to the Alliance for Catholic Education’s “Catholic School Advantage” campaign.


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