Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for God

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for God

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for God

While we search for the correct color scheme, or just the right texture for our sectionals, are we making a place for Christ in our home?  When a neighbor enters your home will they know you are Catholic?  By surrounding ourselves with our faith we make it easier for ourselves and our family to keep Christ at the center of our life and at the center of our days.

Just as we line our walls and shelves with photos of family members and loved ones, to remind us of them and our love for them, we must also fill our shelves and walls with photos of Jesus, Mary, the Pope, and the Saints.  These will act as reminders of our love for them and of their love for us.

As you embark on a new family prayer journey, or as you work to strengthen an already existing journey, strive to make God a visible presence in your home. This could be a great time to set up a prayer room. If you don’t have enough space to do this, simply a prayer corner should work. Just as we have designated homework tables to keep our kids focused on their studies, we must have designated prayer areas to keep our family focused on our studies. Visit your local Catholic book store and prayerfully consider investing in a 7 day candle to light as you share family prayer time together. The kids will enjoy getting to light it and blow it out each night. Designate a specific bible to keep on display, and choose meaningful pictures to keep near your prayer corner. You will be amazed at how simple changes to our surroundings can lead to more focused and more fruitful prayer experiences.

Finally, have you had your local priest over for dinner to meet your family and to bless your home? This can be a great way to connect on a personal level with your priest, and will help to introduce your kids to the leader of your flock. You can fully welcome God into your home by having your home blessed. This can also be a great learning opportunity for kids!

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