A Girlish Size

A Girlish Size

A Girlish Size

yet not a woman.
Uncomfortable in my own skin
but loving my shape
until I step inside a store.

Less than a zero,
I am not a person.
They tell me to go down a size
when there is no where else to go.
Gravitating toward the girls department
just to clothe myself.
Surrounded by pink tutus
where staple clothing is nonexistent.

A stature all my own
the way God made me.
and miniature.
But big things
can come from small packaging.

On a mission
to find the woman under all the wrinkles.
Too much fabric getting in the way.
Searching for myself
underneath the gigantic tent.
Hoping to find a suitable home
to rest my body in.

Copyright 2013 Tanya Weitzel


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  1. Amanda Rose on

    Tanya, Thank you for sharing this poetic reflection. I have finally come to a point of “loving my shape until I step inside a store,” although for different reasons than you share. (Well, for me the word “loving” is probably a little strong, but at least “satisfied!”) Growing up, I envied the petite girls and felt too big, although I was probably a normal size then. It is interesting to read a “petite” woman’s struggle. Yet another example of how we never really know the frustrations and struggles that another person is or has experienced.

    • Thank you for sharing your own struggles and reading my poem. I am glad other women share similar battles with clothing and body image.

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