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We interrupt this previously scheduled blog silence to explain that I’ve simply been unable to compose two coherent words for the past few days.

With our son away at college in Cambridge and several friends in Boston, I was majorly preoccupied last week watching the events surrounding the Boston Marathon terrorist act unfold. Sometimes writing and blogging helps to distract from stressful moments like those, but in that wasn’t the case this time around. Several attempts fell pray to the “move to trash” button in our blogging interface.

So today I’m back to say hello and to ask for your prayers as I embark early tomorrow morning on another adventure. I will be travelling to the studios of EWTN in Birmingham to join my friend Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle for the filming of her brand new television show, Catholic Mom’s Cafe. I’m one of her five guests and am thrilled to be joining a totally awesome group of Catholic writers/moms for this special initiative. Others included in Donna-Marie’s first round of filming include Woodeene Koeni-Bricker, Karen Edmisten, Lisa Mladinich and Marge Fenelon. I’m a bit nervous about the filming, but those jitters are completely overshadowed by the sense of excitement I feel. Going to EWTN is a long-time dream come true. Doing it in the company of these particular women is like a little glimpse of heaven!

I hope you’ll send a few prayers as we embark on this adventure. Over the next few days, I’ll also be sharing some additional moments from the Mid-Atlantic Congress, as well as a recap of my trip last week to the National Meeting of the Pontifical Mission Societies.

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you’ve been up to for the past few days, and how your family weathered the tragedies in Boston and West, Texas. Of course, our prayers continue for all of the victims of these tragedies and their loved ones!

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  1. Congratulations Lisa! How exciting for all of you! I will be keeping you in my prayers as you embark on this new journey.

    I understand your concern for your family and friends in Boston. My parents, my two brothers and their families, as well as aunts, uncles, and cousins are all in the Boston area. I have been glued to my TV as well as my phone this past week. It was especially frightening when I found out my cousin was at the finish line Monday handing out water bottles to the runners and for some reason moved two blocks further down before the first bomb went off. I am so grateful to God for keeping her safe.

    I pray God will be with the people of Boston, Texas, and all those affected by the tragedies of this past week.I have just been trying to stay focused on all the good that has come from this. It is amazing what good can come from so much bad.

    • Lauri – what a sweet comment – thank you for your prayers and support! Let’s hope for a bit calmer week and let’s remember to count our many blessings!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Many prayers being sent your way for your new project and congratulations! Will your readers be able to see the show?
    My husband and I were in Boston for the Marathon. Kevin had finished the race about 25 minutes before the first bomb exploded. I was almost directly across from where the second blast went off filming him as he came through shortly before the finish line. We had planned to meet post-race at the family meeting area and were walking back to our hotel, The Westin Copley, located about a block and a half behind the finish line when the first explosion happened. Everyone stopped and asked, “what was that”? It was so loud like a cannon going off right next to us. We proceeded to walk in the direction of the hotel when the second bomb went off. We knew it couldn’t be good. We both started praying that no one was hurt. Then chaos ensued with people starting to run, scream and cry thinking I’m sure of 9/11. When we got to our hotel just a couple of minutes later we went into the bar area where everyone was glued to the TV screens and we knew then what we suspected was true. Our hotel room on the 32nd floor faced the finish line and we were able to look down to see the area of the second blast. With the zoom lens on my camera we could see clothes scattered everywhere, ambulances arriving, bodies being loaded onto stretchers and blood on the sidewalk. It was frightening! I showed the video I had shot to my husband of him running directly in front of the area of the second blast and he suggested I turn it in to the authorities which had set up their command post at our hotel. I proceeded to the floor law enforcement had by then taken over and was led through three areas of security before I ended up in a room that had many monitors and equipment to sort through the many photos and videos people were starting to send in to the FBI. I was stopped at a desk where a man came up to me, I showed him what I had and he ended up emailing it to himself, they took all the information from my driver’s license, then I left to go back upstairs to our room. I had continually been praying throughout the day prior to the explosions as I always do for my husband, that he have a good race, be able to finish the run altogether since he was running on a sprained ankle and hadn’t been able to train properly leading up to the race, and to enjoy the experience since this was to be his first and probably his last time running the Boston Marathon. He had missed running the NYC Marathon due to Hurricane Sandy and was so looking forward to this race as he has a special connection to Boston having been born and raised in New Bedford (which is ironically where law enforcement took into custody the three individuals in connection to suspect #2) and having attended two years of college in Boston prior to his family’s move out to California in the mid-seventies. It was a surreal and scary experience, one that we will never forget. Kevin is now determined to qualify for next year as he wants to go back (as so many of the runners do) and show solidarity and support for the many families, friends and loved ones who have been affected by this senseless tragedy. We are so thankful for God’s presence in our lives but I am still having a difficult time processing all that happened to so many innocent people. Continued prayers being sent to Boston and Texas too…our faith sustains us!

    P.S. I met you twice in the last two years at LA Congress in Anaheim and we are using your “Saints” book to study in my small church group at St. Pat’s in Carlsbad…thank you!

    • Oh Dorian, what a sweet comment and thank you for your continued prayers! I hope you’re enjoying your study of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms – don’t you just love our saints?!

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