Waste No Food

Waste No Food

Waste No Food

Being Good Stewards of our stuff involves not wasting food!  I have really been paying close attention to this after hearing the statistic of how much food Americans waste:  25% of our food, and 50% of our produce.  It’s not so much of a “go green” approach, but really a consideration of those who are poor.  With Pope Francis emphasizing the need of the church to take care of the poor, I have been looking at my own lifestyle and trying to see how I can help the poor. I don’t think I have been called to go overseas to a third-world country.  Perhaps something local?  I am currently looking into helping out our St. Vincent DePaul Society.  This is a possibility.  But a couple of things I know for sure, and that is to give generously to those organizations that do help the poor and be a better steward of the things that I have been given.

This leads back to the idea of not wasting food.  Just think:  If I can save 25% of my food bill every month instead of wasting 25%, like the national average, I could give a hefty amount of money to an organization like Food for the Poor.

I just received a brochure from them that said I could feed a family for a month for $14.60.  I could also give $25 that would buy 20 chicks or $600 for a cow.  I left this brochure on our counter where my children eat some of their meals.  It might serve to remind them to clean their plates a little better.

Having just returned from giving a seminar a couple weekends ago, I am reminded of many of the Smart Martha ideas that would help us to be better stewards of our money and food.

Find a list of ideas to help us keep from wasting food at http://www.smartmartha.com/Pages/WasteNoFood.aspx.

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Tami is the author of Smart Martha's Catholic Guide for Busy Moms and the founder of SmartMartha.com. She lives in Greenville, SC with her husband and family. Tami runs the online CatholicConference4Moms, Smart Martha ministry, CatholicFamilyCelebrations.com, CatholicMosaic.com, and teaches dance classes. Thinking like a Smart Martha has helped her to constantly seek to “sit at Christ’s feet” even in the midst of piles of laundry and sinks of dirty dishes.

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  1. Jennifer Fitz on

    Yes. This.

    Over the past couple months, one of my goals has been to reduce waste at our home by only buying what we’re going to eat — I know that sound dumb, but seriously, how often do we buy “just in case” food we don’t really need? Or cook a new meal every night, when there’s still perfectly good leftovers that are going to go bad? My experience is that when there’s an abundance in front of us, it’s hard to make yourself finish that last little bit of the old package.

    The big eye-opener for me: How much more cabinet space we have, how much neater the fridge is, and how much less clean-up there is to do.

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