Game Review of Splinter Cell: Conviction


splinter cell




Xbox 360, PC


Rogue NSA operative Sam Fisher has discovered that the accident that killed his daughter wasn’t an accident.  He will shoot, stab, and torture anyone in his way in order to find out the truth.


Unlike the previous entries in the series, this is a stealth game with no options for stealth.  The player is forced to kill everyone in the way in order to get to the objectives. Instead of penalizing the player for leaving bodies all over the place, this game encourages it.


The graphics are okay, the music is forgettable.  Seriously, I can’t tell you a single note.


Gratuitous violence, gratuitous language, gratuitous game.  Seriously, this game’s view of “interrogation” makes those on 24 look like sitting a suspect down for tea.  There is no real reason for the interrogations to be interactive bouts of brutality, as the player moves Sam and his victim from one place or another, and then tap a button to initiate a cut scene.   The only difference is that the game zooms in so the player can better see the impact of someone’s head against a hard surface.

This game is rated M for Mature for a reason. It should have been rated B, as in B-movie.



Addiction Danger

None. I finished the game and threw it out. There is only one way to get from point A to point B.  There is no variation, no difference, and no consequence for screwing up.

Problems/Ending Comments

The game, even on its own merits, is bad. Sam Fisher, once a tough operative who can fight off people in the way, has been reduced to a thug. It’s not even enjoyable.

ESRB Rating: M for Mature

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