Going Underwater with Jesus

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Whenever  I am at a crossroads, I try to turn to Jesus.  There is a certain peace that comes from visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament that I have experienced throughout my life.  As a child, there was an occasional exposure through Exhibition of the Blessed Sacrament.  It was an awe-filled experience.

When I worked for USC School of Medicine, we would travel to San Clemente, California for work every couple months.  While there, I would visit Our Lady of Fatima Church which had perpetual adoration.  I would try to go around 9:00 in the evening when I knew the chapel was likely to be vacant.

While there I would sit in the presence of Our Lord and bask in His love.  In the silence I felt connected.

Normally I am a person who constantly enjoys listening to music and keeping my senses occupied.   But this was a sacred time, and the silence made it more so.

I also used to attend  St. Therese Chruch, of Alhambra, California.  They also had perpetual adoration.  When I would go, it would take me a good thirty minutes to calm my mind, and stop talking  TO God.  I had a lot to say to Him, and lots of jokes too.  It was hard for me to be quiet enough to hear God.  I tried very hard, but still felt inadequate.  My parents would tell me to listen in my heart, but I was unsure what this looked like, or felt like.

One of the most beautiful Adoration chapels I visited was St. Maria Goretti’s in Scottsdale, Arizona.  As I remember it is a glass room, standing alone.  Outside are palm trees that blow in the wind and give you the sensation of being outside.  Inside was a circular kneeler.  Four  Angels are holding candles signifying God’s presence in the Eucharist.  A Golden cross made of wheat shafts (bronze) houses a clear bowl of the Eucharist.  I highly suggest stopping in, if in the area.

In this latest season of my life, which is filled with business, and busyness, and noisy children, I find myself going to adoration chapel in Newport Beach, and finding  complete rest.

As I sit or kneel, I sink into a complete peace, and I am able to empty my mind almost completely.  If no one is present and there is complete silence, I can only describe the feelings as going Underwater with Jesus.  It is a sinking into silence and connection that is total immersion.  Literally I could feel the silence, as if slipping under the water, closing out the sounds of life.

Going Underwater with Jesus

Going Underwater with Jesus

Living in Southern California as a lifeguard and swimmer, much of my life was spent underwater.  The quiet and separation from land life was peaceful and contemplative.  As a distance swimmer, I was left to the quiet of the water and my thoughts for long periods of time.  Swimming a mile can take around 30 minutes.

As I sat with the Blessed Sacrament today,  my mind emptied, and the light and peace of God filled me immediately.  It is almost addictive.  I know where to run, where to turn as soon as my peace is disturbed.   What a gift we have in our Catholic Church to pass this gift down through the centuries.

For all you busy moms out there, I invite you to experience those special moments of peace that can only come from God.  (And you don’t even need a SCUBA license…)

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