Pat Gohn: She’s “Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious”

Kudos to my soul sister and long-term contributor Pat Gohn on recent appearance on CatholicTV. The appearance is a celebration of Pat’s incredible new book Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood. Do yourself a spiritual favor and take a few moments to enjoy this video:

The sound of Pat’s voice is like a warm hug to me. And combined with the sight of Fr. Reed, one of my favorite priests, holding up Pat’s book as he and Jay Fadden chat with her about our inherent God-given dignity brought big, sloppy, happy tears to my eyes. I’ve been a fangirl of Mrs. Gohn for so long – to see her message of grace and hope conveyed to so many women warms my heart in ways I can hardly explain.

Way to go Pat – I love you girlfriend! And to my friends at CatholicTV, thanks for spreading the word about one of the best books ever written!

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