The Lectio Divina Steps

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Lectio Divina is an ancient Catholic prayer method for reading and praying with the Bible. According to Pope Benedict XVI in the post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation, Verbum Domini (nos. 86-87), lectio divina is broken down into the following steps named in Latin:

1. Lectio (reading)
2. Meditatio (meditation)
3. Oratio (prayer)
4. and Contemplatio (contemplation)
5. Then, as a result of the encounter with God in Scripture, we are also called to Actio (action).

Each of these steps together form a process by which we encounter God in his sacred word and respond to his grace. They form parts of a larger whole, but each one comes with a certain set of skills for our us to master. In this video we will discover how to pray lectio divina using these four lectio divina steps.

If you are looking to introduce young people, children and teens, to lectio divina check out this eBook full of activities and resources to help teach the skills needed to fully experience each of the lectio divina steps.

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