Homeschooling: What to Do about Boredom

Homeschooling: What to Do about Boredom

Homeschooling: What to Do about Boredom

It’s not a big deal right now, because most days their friends are around the neighborhood, but of course I’m all nervous that we’ll have days like this come fall. I want to have solutions ready so I don’t resort to TV (like I did today) or to other screen time, but I’m fresh out.

What to Do About Boredom?


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  1. Stuart Dunn on

    It’s a lame answer, but I always say books! You could also make a Boredom Jar filled with chores that are age appropriate, and say “I want you to find ways to entertain yourself be it books, board games, etc., but if I hear you say ‘I’m bored’ then you’ll pull a chore out of the Boredom Jar.”

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