A Word with Weber: Loss


This week: In this segment Matt shares his thoughts about writer’s block and sometimes even he is at a loss for words.

Matt Weber is the new and social media officer at Harvard University and in his spare time produces segments for CatholicTV that have appeared on This is the DayBlink, our Telethon and now every week on the CatholicTV Network’s magazine show ClearVoice™.
In this segment, he talks about what making the most of all of that time we spend waiting.

Join Matt and television-news veterans John Monahan and Christine Caswell for new shows Fridays at 11 a.m. with reebroadcasts at 8 p.m. and all weekend on CatholicTV’s ClearVoiceFor even more words from Weber, check out his first book Fearing the Stigmata available from Loyola Press. In the book, Weber employs his sharp wit, earnest candor, and gift for great storytelling to illustrate for young adult Catholics both the real challenges and the immense joys of publicly living out the Catholic faith.

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  1. peter rwhalen on

    i AM 71. was a gay poet -my mind simply shattered in 1982 -I ended up insane in a city in which I knew no one. After years of other worldy suffering I was able to start writing five years ago – have written a lot. I am a Lay Carmelite and president of the Legion of Mary in my parish. I enclose a poem here.


    (For Mary and Phil Leonard)
    “What’s written for me”

    I wanted to write out my life-
    I tried so hard I burst-
    And then I found at Calvary
    Jesus wrote it first-

    Costing Him much more than me-
    My musings a dead letter-
    And His life alive for mine-
    His Living Word was better

    Than my deadly little rhymes,
    Cruel playthings of an aging boy,
    A shallow singing of sad times
    Maturing to His Manly Joy.

    The Art of Life is hung at Calvary-
    Nails piercing the Master’s hand
    That recreates after the Fall
    The Life of Heaven for us all.

    He wanted to right out our lives-
    Live life with us from the Cross-
    Each Man’s book is written there
    And we read our lives in prayer.

    To create from joy and suffering
    Our offering up of each small task-
    To let His Flesh and Blood be ours
    In the Mystery of the Mass…

    And let Him write out with our lives
    The living of His life again,
    Until we truly learn to sing
    The poem that will never end.

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