Are You an Older Parent? Help with Two News Stories


questionFriends, can you help a Catholic reporter who is working on two stories? Please let me know in the comments below if you, or anyone you know, might be able to help with a quote or story:

Story #1: Story about elderly parents moving in with their adult children and how this can be a beneficial situation, especially spiritually. Maybe a Catholic social worker or someone who has recently moved their mom or dad into their home.

Story #2: Story is about empty-nesters who are looking for ideas on what to do with their extra household rooms/space, maybe someone whose kids have recently married or moved into their own places. I would guess parents whose kids are off to college expect them to move back home for summers and maybe for a time after graduation.



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  1. Lisa,

    My oldest son bought his own home last year and moved out. My second (middle) son graduated from college this year and instead of moving back home (isn’t that where he belongs?!) moved in with his older brother. What’s up with that?

    So I now have my youngest home. He is a college junior and a commuter. I am spoiling him rotten as my way of bribing him to stay put. LOL

    I am so proud of my boys and wouldn’t deny them their own lives but there is a definite adjustment–even as I welcome this new time for my husband and I (although when did he get that gray?!).

    I’d be more than willing to speak to this particular time in a Catholic woman’s life if there is an interest.

    Summer blessings,

  2. Debbie Leal on

    My husbands parents moved in with us during his last two years suffering with Alzheimer’s. We home school and own our own restaurants and it was the best thing to happen for all of us. He passed away a little over four years ago and I know our sons learned some very important life lessons about sacrifice during those years.

    If you’d like further information please let me know.

  3. When I was pregnant with our youngest (4), my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Since then, my husband and I have taken care of both he and my mom. Our 4 sons and we have all been abundantly blessed, even during the tough parts of this journey, to have them with us. I know my sons will be better Godly men as a result:) We have all learned things about God and His ways and His desires for us that we could not read in a book and may have missed otherwise.

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