Is Popcorn Good for You?

Is Popcorn Good for You?

Is Popcorn Good for You?

Do you enjoy a big bowl of popcorn now and then like we do?  Have you wondered, though, if it’s actually a healthy snack to indulge in?  A recent Facebook discussion opened up this can of worms so I did some looking around, and thought I’d let you know what I found out with a little Q & A…

1.  Should popcorn be soaked or sprouted since it’s a whole grain, and whole grains contain phytic acid, which blocks mineral absorption?

Corn is fairly low in phytic acid so popcorn in moderation is probably fine.  Also, when it is eaten with melted butter, the saturated fats help mitigate the effects of phytic acid.”  (From the WAPF)

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