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craftA triptych is generally three pieces of related art hinged together to be appreciated collectively. Within the Catholic Church, triptychs are a tradition that dates back before the Medieval Period when Christians would present them to Bishops as gifts. During times of persecution, the triptychs were created so that, when closed, they were plain and unassuming. When opened, they were remarkable works of art that raised the viewer’s thoughts to the Creator.

The lighted Triptych I am sharing with you today is a little different than the traditional triptych. This one does not close but rather folds completely open to create a tabletop lantern that would be a wonderful addition to a home alter or a decoration appropriate for celebrating any Sacrament. Although I am using all photos of the Blessed Mother, any religious photos would be appropriate for this craft.

Great article about Triptychs:

Some sources for free photos:


Items needed:

3 picture 3 ½ x 5 picture frames
Religious photos printed on copy paper
Clear tape
Thin duck tape (or regular duck tape cut into thin strips)
LED tealight

Step 1: Remove the backing from each photo frame, leaving only the glass in the front and lay the frames aside. Discard the backings.


Step 2: Cut out photos and place into frames, behind the glass, using clear tape and the tabs located on the frame to hold the photo and the glass in place.


Step 3: Repeat step 2 with all three photos

Step 4: Lay all three frames side-by –side in a row, making sure that the tops and bottoms are even. Adhere the duck tape between the first and second frame, then between the second and third frame. Press hard to be sure that the tape is adhered tightly before standing the triptych up.


Step 5: Stand up the three frames and place the LED light on the table. Fold the three frames around the light so that the first frame and third frame are touching and the light is shining from behind the photos.

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