Stories: A Novel to Inspire Faith

Stories by C L Paur

Stories by C L Paur

Editor’s Note: I am grateful to Carol Paur, the author of Stories, for her submission of the following article. LMH

Can a story change your life? We know Jesus used parables to impart the truths of the faith.  For C.L. Paur, it is her hope that her novel, Stories, will be a catalyst to inspire faith in lives and the culture at large.

Stories is about Catharine Zimmer, an ordinary woman, who lived an ordinary life. At death, she meets three extraordinary people: a dictator, a nurse and a movie director. Catharine discovers how her one deception negatively impacted the course of their lives.

C L Paur

C L Paur

I was dead. This I knew. But where I was, that I didn’t know. The garments of age evanesced as youth materialized. My old body had ruled with tyranny for so long that at first I didn’t recognize the signs of youth. Was it me? I wondered. My thoughts were too clear, and so was my hearing. The drone of silence which had blunted the use of my eardrums seemed gone, though there were no obvious sounds to test this theory” (An excerpt from Stories).

Paur confronts readers with a tough reality, but she does so to encourage people to take on their problems, even the difficult ones.

Stories is relevant because we’re all going to die some day,” says Paur. “We all will have to see the effects or consequences of the choices we made here on earth.”

Paur, a cradle Catholic, and one who has been very active in her parish, believes that she, along with many others, have mistakenly thought the way to bring people back to the Church is to stay in the church and “offer” more programs. Since writing Stories, Paur has come to see her role as a writer much like a lifeguard. A lifeguard doesn’t remain on the beach while the victim drowns–the lifeguard goes out to the victim to rescue him or her. She hopes that Stories reaches people where they’re at, and tries to deliver the message of faith, mercy and love.

According to Paur, Stories has already impacted lives. One woman, after reading the novel, purchased four more copies for family and friends. Another woman decided to move forward on something she had been putting off in her life.

Paige Lovitt, in her review of Stories on, wrote, “I asked myself, ‘What will my life story say about me when I go?’ I also wondered how much my own actions and words towards others have had a great effect on the lives of others.”

The novel talks about adult themes, so would not be appropriate for young children. There is no gratuitous sex or violence, but parents should read the novel before allowing their teens to read the book. Stories is available at and

“If you can’t purchase the book, please ask your library to order it,” said Paur. “Many of my friends and family have done just that.”

Paur is currently writing Waves, the sequel to Stories.


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