Win a "Blossom Cross" Shirt -- A Work of Art that Celebrates the Faith

Win this Blossom Cross Shirt

Win this Blossom Cross Shirt

About a month ago, I was in Wichita for the Midwest Catholic Family Conference. Walking across the exhibition hall, I was immediately struck by some gorgeous apparel at the Blossom Cross table. In visiting with the apostolate’s creators Valeria and Michael Ha, I immediately knew that I needed to share these products with our readers!

Today, I’m happy to share a recent interview with Valerie Ha. Be sure to leave a comment on this article to enter to win a beautiful Blossom Cross shirt in the contest sponsored by Blossom Cross!

Valerie and Michael Ha

Valerie and Michael Ha

Q: Please tell us about your family.

We both come from large families. Michael has 6 sisters and a brother and Valerie has 3 sisters and a brother. Michael is Chinese but was born and spent his early childhood in Vietnam. His family fled Communist Vietnam in a tiny boat and every single one of them survived and are still living, including his parents. They were ultimately sponsored by a relative to come to the United States and have mostly resided in southern California ever since. Valerie is from Kansas but has enjoyed living and working in places like Ethiopia and Washington DC before settling in southern California. Together Michael and Valerie have three children: Malissa, 13, Matthew, 11 and Amani, 2.

Q: Please tell us about Blossom Cross? How did you start the business?

One spring day, Michael said he had felt the powerful love of Christ during a walk through our bountiful backyard. As he wandered through our gardens looking, touching and smelling the many varieties of flowers and fruit trees, he realized he wanted to share his experience with others.

A few weeks later, we were driving on one of the busiest freeways in southern California, when Michael looked up and saw a large white cross on a hill. Suddenly, he grabbed his sketchbook & pen and quickly started drawing. Within minutes he finished his illustration and showed it to me. Since I was the driver, I could only give it a quick glance, but what I saw made me gasp! There was Christ not in front of, but as part of, the blossoms that formed the cross he had just drawn. We were both awestruck at how the Lord had made His glorious presence known through the beauty of the flowers, using Michael as His instrument to capture it.

We both knew immediately that this image was the way he could share his unique experience of our Lord.

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Q: What are some of your goals for Blossom Cross?

For believers and nonbelievers alike to appreciate the profound beauty of the Blossom Cross and be inspired to experience and share the powerful love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Be sure to check out the vast array of Blossom Cross apparel, gifts and artwork at

We are giving away one Blossom Cross T-shirt  To enter this contest, leave a comment below by midnight Pacific time on Sunday, September 8, 2013. One random winner will be selected to win!

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  1. Beautiful shirt. Awesome art work. Amazing story… His Glorious presence in the flowers. Thank you for this opportunity.

  2. kim-rae ketcham on

    This cross is constructed of how I “find” Christ each day in my garden… the flowers and their determination to grow and bloom despite their obstacles always amaze me– look at the lowly crocus. This would be an amazing gift! Thanks for sharing the shirt!!!

  3. I love your shirt, it is gorgeous! I teach at a Catholic school in Northern Minnesota and we have a professional dress code that rarely allows for us to wear t-shirts so on those days I struggle to figure out what to wear because I only have a few t-shirts as there is little occasion to wear them. This shirt would be perfect for those “casual dress” days when I want to share my faith and still look professional and feminine.

  4. My daughter, Misti, has grown in her walk with God during her recent stay in jail. She has resolved to change her life. What an incredible gift for her as she is due to be released September 4, 2013!

    God bless your work!

  5. Your t-shirts are awe-inspiring. At first I could not see the Christ figure but then a second look and there it was!!!

    Great Gift ideas.
    Thank you for your story and God Bless you and your family!
    Take Care,

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