Small Steps: Perfect Daily Tool for Working Mom's Faith Journey

Small Steps for Catholic Moms

Small Steps for Catholic Moms

Editor’s note: Today, we continue our weeklong celebration of the publication of Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Your Daily Call to Think, Pray and Act, the newest installment in the Books partnership with Ave Maria Press. Today, we have a great review from Mary Wallace. LMH

Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss give moms the gift of time management in their new book, Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Your Daily Call to Think, Pray and Act.  This truly is a daily call, formatted almost like a daily text message.  Because the messages are succinct, focused, and efficient, I am drawn into the book’s daily messages with true implementation plans of developing virtue in my busy momma day.  I am able to read the daily message either in the morning before rising from my bed, in the middle of my day, or when I return from work (while cooking dinner!).

In the introduction, Danielle and Elizabeth give us permission as busy moms to use this book as a tool.  As a busy working Catholic mom (outside of the home), I am always looking for tools to help me on my faith journey.  I don’t have lots of moments of silence for reflection and prayer, and this book gives me the snippets I need to continue a journey to sanctity.  By focusing on specific virtues in our motherhood, we are able to journey with other busy moms (that includes all moms, I do believe!), and balance duties of being a mom with the relationships that sustain us most:  Father, Son, Holy Spirit – and our Blessed Mother Mary.

By using quotes from the saints of the Church, Danielle and Elizabeth bring the concepts to life.  The prayers offered are quick, yet heart-felt and thought provoking.  The actions suggested are specific, challenging, and able to be completed.  As a working Catholic mom, Small Steps is a daily tool for me to keep moving forward on my faith journey.  I expected the same ole devotional.  What I found was a gold mine of advice, as if I were sitting down for coffee with my girlfriends.  Thank you, Danielle and Elizabeth!

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Mary Wallace, PhD, is a devout Catholic wife, mother of 4 daughters, and college administrator. She is co-host of a Catholic radio show: Faith and Good Counsel, on Baton Rouge Catholic Community Radio. Mary is also a contributing writer at the Integrated Catholic Life. Follow Mary on Facebook.

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